Thursday, June 11, 2015

The American Connection.


Editor's Note: This is the kind of stand alone exclusive which should be enough for a year's worth of posts.
Blessed you as you will within minutes have some of thee most dangerous and lethal information since Edward Snowden peeked up an electronic skirt.......uh this is the stuff not ever in the files.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the ascension of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton to the White House frontier of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, the relevancy of 9 11 returns and this blog publishes for the first time the reality of the American Connection, in terms of the like French Connection of the infamous Gene Hackman movie.

This blog broke the story that 9 11 was an American operation of the Clinton Gore intelligence community, meant to embarrass George W. Bush in payback for hanging chads. Those who hijacked it were the European cartel, and there were many underlying issues from Stan Oil in Asia to the attempted stopping of Star Wars being completed under Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in the Bush41 policy of Vice President Richard Cheney moving oil interests to drill for oil to cut off terror oil money and the ultimate defense in Star Wars.

What I am about to do is out people, but I am not going to violate my policy of outing dangerous people as it is deadly as Andrew Breitbart learned far too late. The reason I can do this is the rules are being followed in, "I can talk about things if someone else has already brought about the information".

The source on this is the arrogant, hate filled liberal Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. God moved me to find her book thrown away in a pile of books and I have been studying it, as I would never pay the idiot 38 dollars Canadian for this condescending bitching she does in mocking George W. Bush.........and her Obama boy did the same things which she then cheered.

I quote Bushworld here to explain exactly the American Connection to 9 11 in why it was instigated. The date of Dowd's writing is August 22, 2001. She literally points the smoking gun at the guilty in this, but is too arrogantly challenged to know just what she has done.

"The traditional coziness between a Republican administration and the military is shattered. The White House is angry at Rummy for knuckling under and at the military for wanting more money and no reform. And the military, which had Bill Clinton, who was terrified of crossing it, nicely tucked away in its pocket by the end of this second term, now wonders if it would have fared better with Al Gore."

Focus on the military had blackmailed Bill Clinton into submission. Know that Donald Rumsfeld was reorganizing the military and spending to complete Star Wars, which he did indeed accomplish in the missing billions which have been noted in news stories. Further comprehend Dowd's other quotes of Donald Rumsfeld in a Time interview.

"It's like there is eavesdropping microphones on your brain" referring to how things seem leaked which the Secretary had only thought of.

On the press, "It's arranged for promoting conflict, difficulty and problems", he says. And that is a news flash to him?

"Instead of Rummy doing a hostile takeover of the military , the military took over hostile Rummy. They plotted in the Tank, their secure conference room in the Pentagon, and outfoxed him."

Who this group was, was the Joint Chiefs who mobilized allies on the Hill and sabotaged the secretary's plan to modernize and trim the services and use the money saved for the missile shield".

- Maureen Dowd
August 22, 2001

So there you have the underpinning in all of this, and it will make more sense when you realize the "minders" were sent out to plant stories which were picked up by Jeff Rense type sites to "blame Bush that he carried out 9 11". You must understand this "insider" apparatus which was backdoor framing numbers of you dolts who followed a certain progenitor that was mirroring stories posted here for strawman Mitt Romney to be knocked down in the 2012 elections.
I reported on this that there were two groups sent to carry out 9 11. The main body was in California and mysteriously packed up in the summer of 2001 when word came that this second patsy body was being activated which was in America, under surveillance by the Clinton Gore intelligence group.
I repeat the puzzling thing I noticed on September 10 of 2001 when around 11 pm eastern time, all of the chat programs started winking out and rebooting. The entire Cisco routers were rebooting too. I remember this event vividly as it caught my attention, but I did not understand what was taking place in the second group had given the slip to the Gore insiders, and they were frantically trying to flush the system to find them. They never did, and what took place was the diversion of George W. Bush to make America oil independent which Dowd harps on non stop and in the attempt to stop Star Wars from being completed.

The cartel had an operation running to move America to "wars" for its profit. George W. Bush went further with his Jewish Conservatives in removing Saddam Hussein who was bribing the entire political leftist group in America and Europe in that sham food for oil program.
I revisit that reality in the Bush CIA had an operation in place, but Bill Clinton not only called it off in removing Saddam, but outed the agents whom Hussein murdered. The payback was food for oil, or palaces and bribes which it was, and Marc Rich laundered this money, laundered the bribes to the Clintons and the person who protected Marc Rich was Eric Holder.

That is the background in this, and it was in this American Connection Group of the blackmailers of Bill Clinton to stage a coup against Bush policy and in those shill allies in Congress a coup against Donald Rumsfeld.

So the outing of all of this was accomplished by that big mouth liberal Maureen Dowd. She brought it, published it, named the names and she did it all with an Obama haze in her arrogance in not comprehending the danger zone she just entered.

This is the American Connection, who then covered its tracks by feeding stories pointing to George W. Bush. This is the group who was dumping wallets in New York Streets of terrorists on the planes in order to wag this dog away from them and to the intended target of more empowerment and financial gain for the insiders running this.

Now you know, thanks to Maureen Dowd who dangerously and ignorantly published all of this in an attempt to slap George W. Bush around, and what she did was provide the evidence of the American Connection who betrayed America.

nuff said.

OK as a popular gal I can not stop there, so here is a bit of get you out of the abyss on a like subject so you get your mind unwarped on the story. Those government employee files which the Chicoms are being blamed for hacking........nopers not the story. The Peking girls are being blamed, but someone is looking at all those names looking for...........people who do not exist.
You figure the rest of it out my children and my brats..........I am still awaiting that big 350,000 dollar donation.

Dangerous stuff eh knowing what is in plain sight.