Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Difference between Christians and sodomites


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am surprised sometimes that groups of people actually admit to being what they are. The example in this is the reality of what sodomites are, and it is coming from their own mouths.

Sodomites are cowards, who allow others to do their bullying, while being most in lust with not the same sex, but with the adoration of a big pay check.

- Lame Cherry

That is the reality in a Variety article, which features the reality that all these expensive fags, are hiding in the Hollywood closet. Their excuse now is not that America is homophobic, but that Russia is.......yeah large market there in the rest of the world, but it is that "I'm special" thing in I can take one up the ass from a Hollywood producer as his dog licks the jelly off my nipples, but no one is special when they are scented of feces.

As society changes, that caution will fade, predicts “Star Trek” actor George Takei, who came out in 2005. But Takei acknowledges that right now, the economic risk is big. “You’re spending sometimes hundreds of millions,” he says. “Studios want every dollar to count.”

Hellman of the Enterprise is wrong, as if being a fag was such a defining moment in a sodomite's existence, then they would be............well like Christians around the world being beheaded by Obama terrorists, raped by Obama terrorists and terrorized in these disUnited States by the Obama regime fagtroopers.

That is the difference in this. Christians are the brave people, as they get up every day knowing they have the same weaknesses which a sodomite gives into to destroy themselves, but a Christian submits to Christ Who carries them through each today so the Christian child of God does not degrade to becoming a deviant.

Variety in propaganda notes that Ellen DeGeneres, Caitlyn Jenner and Neil Patrick Harris have had no damage to their careers in stating they are deviants, but the reality is, these sodomites had a safety net as part of Mockingbird to keep them before the public to progress this agenda to destroy America, as is what the cartel has engineered.
Let us examine these "careers". Ellen lost her comedy show in coming out as lezbo. She was tapped to be the gay face afterwards to create the illusion as Rosie was too damn nuts and disgusting ugly for the brand name. Bruce Jenner never had a career and still does not have a career.........and except for being the standing prop at sodomite events, Doogie has no career.

So America does not desire to see fags on screen, any more than Russians, Chinese or fags do.

The reality is being a sodomite is an abomination to God, as much as being an adulterer or whore. The reason is sodomy is the physical adultery which brings about the absolute eternal death of spiritual adultery in being enmity with God. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS FACT:

People have a soul which requires having God's Spirit sown into it, to transform by the Holy Ghost to become eternal, as the soul will be destroyed along with death in hell at the end. No one can gain Spiritual Life without that Spirit, and when your ass is in the air getting rubberized vulva or vaseline dicked, you are reflecting an activity which is physical, and that is your god, and that god is not eternal, so you will perish.

The difference between Christians and sodomites is life and death, Christ and sodomy.

These militant queers can scream, intimidate, celebrate........but just like the coming Wormwood catastrophe of global death, the coming Judgment of Christ is not going to change what these deviants are who have deviated to death from the only Way, Truth and Life.

Sodomites have chosen mammon and admit it. They take no stand, unless they can set themselves up for more attention as a victim or a bully. That is the realty and these Obama Kennedy emancipated sodomists are now transformed from being locked in the closet, to being buried in the Obama Abyss.

I will state that again:

That is the realty and these Obama Kennedy emancipated sodomists are now transformed from being locked in the closet, to being buried in the Obama Abyss.

- Lame Cherry