Monday, June 15, 2015

The Obama Candidate of the GOP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jebby Bush is all a flurry this Monday, announcing at the powerful and prestigious.......Miami Community College?????? for President.

Ah, do you not think that someone whose grandfather fraud took over Texas politics and oil, and whose old man was President and whose brother was President, could find a bit of a better place to set America's focus on what Jebby Bush would do as President, like a Naval Air Station (Ever heard of the USS GEORGE H W BUSH NUCLEAR AIRCRAFT CARRIER)  if defense was the focus or perhaps the Southeast Financial Center in Miami if the economy was the focus of your Presidency......and not some Obama community organized college?
Then again the Jebster said Reagan was "roadkill" in 2008 and we all needed to be more like Obama.

To put it plainly, if this is Jeb Bush setting the stage as President and that is his idea of what is Presidential in a community college whining about Hillary Clinton, then Jeb Bush is the greatest reason to not vote for this lightweight.
If W was Bush  Lite according to democrats in 2000, then what is Jeb......Bush Phizz?

The focus of Jeb Bush's campaign is not to have fun any longer, but instead to go negative and attempt to tear down Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Scott Walker. I can understand this as Marco was supposed to be the Number 2 while Jeb was doing the Number 1 and Scott Walker is proving he is Presidential in standing up to Big Koch and Rush Limbaugh.

The idea of Jeb Bush and his newly re assembled advisers is to out Scott Walker as a flipflopper as Governor.

Yes Scott Walker was horrid in saying he was going to save Terri Schiavo from being dehydrated to death and then flipflopping in allowing her to be tortured to death.........oh wait that was Jeb Bush as gov of Florida in not saving an invalid female.

Then there is that ..........well Jeb would not have gone into Iraq as his brother, President George W. Bush did.

Yes the world would be so much better with nuclear, chemical and biological Saddam  Hussein in power, and not all those WMD's in Syria murdering Obama enemies of ISIS.

This political tactician just does not think that it is astute to start a Presidential campaign by stabbing your brother in the back, going gay and calling other people flipfloppers.......unless of course you are someone like Hillary Hamrod who can pull it off.

So let us review this monumental moment in Jeb Bush ...........Presidential initiative.

Jeb stabs his brother in the back over Iraq betraying George W. and all United States Veterans.

Jeb goes gay in Indiana.......betraying thee entire Christian Right.

Jeb Bush is seeking to destroy a Latin American leader from Florida and a the only successful white American Governor from Wisconsin, a must win state too, who stopped union power in his state.

I know Jeb and the Rand Paul folks all think you have to win the wacko left and not woo the right for the GOP nomination, but I know it is a bit early unless Jeb is running for the Democratic Primary Nomination in taking it from Hamrod Clinton.

Jeb Bush's first Presidential decision was to go to the patrician rich who are so clueless that they did not even know Scott Walker was  a human, and make promises to get their billionaire donations. That is how Jeb Bush "thinks" in being entitled. Now upon finding out that the Republican base detests the GOP elite, Jeb has decided to not become a liar like George H. W. Bush in faking Conservatism, but instead to destroy Conservatives.

I once thought that Lindsey in the gay ear Graham was in this race to bring home the gay vote to Jeb, after his Carolina swan song, but now I see that John McCain is running Lindsey just to screw with the Bush family. That makes things more fun, as no one likes seeing a fag bitch slap a fat frat boy like Jeb Bush, than me.

Jeb Bush has accomplished nothing in a year of running for President in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. He has destroyed his family honor in belittling President Bush over Iraq and the needed removal of Saddam Hussein.........just like Barack Obama.
Jeb Bush has whored himself for Wall Street money........just like Obama.
Jeb Bush is now going after Latins and White Conservatives to destroy them.........just like Obama.

Jeb Bush is a divider just like the Obama he admired so very much. He attempted to flood the GOP field with so many candidates to dilute the field, as he is such a weak candidate. He has miscalculated on every major issue and position from border invasion to upholding American traditions.

Jeb Bush should be like Bruce Jenner in announcing his new name of Jed Bush. Perhaps with a new identity he can make a new start................

Are you kidding me, Miami Community College to announce you are going to be a President to fix what Obama has scorched earth at home and around the globe?

I am certain that President Vladimir Putin is just shaking in his mucklucks over that imposing announcement at Miami Community College.

The only surprise in this, is how these fraud polls still show that Jeb Bush has even .01% support in any Republican or Democratic primary, as he appears the Obama Candidate in the GOP.

Yes you can quote me on that. Jeb Bush is the Obama candidate of the GOP.

.........and yes it was the New York Times given the Jeb Bush "exclusive" on his Presidential tactics and run for 1600 Penn Avenue.......yeah the Obama paper.