Monday, June 15, 2015

The First Trans Genus


As a matter of Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry calls  upon the image of Birther Hussein to protect that new sexual type of TRANS GENUS as mutated by Rachel Dolezal. Certainly with Nutless  Jenner and Hamrod Clinton, all of us can agree that pretty white girls desiring to be affirmative action advanced for career as ugly black chics, is something to be protected.

This Dolezal gal had it right as being pseudo black let folks like Obama get away with murder and trillions and theft. I intend to come back though as a Trans Genus Black Mexican, as then I will get to have all the black bling, but get to invade America too.

Yes the Lame Cherry Trans Genus woman. Oh and on the NAACP job forms you have to fill out in race.......just scratch out WHITE and write in TG. 

Oh and for those who think this odd white gal going black, should check out the NAACP mandate as she is protected. Diversity goes beyond race, creed, ethnicity and gender...............I had no idea there was more than that, but the Obama branch of the NAACP did.

They were looking for Trans Genus humans.

Job Announcements - NAACP Washington, DC Branch
The NAACP works to ensure employment diversity goes beyond that of race, creed, ethnicity and gender. If you are looking for a dynamic growth opportunity, the ...
 We just used to call all these people weird and they sort of gathered around people like Obama in the musty book section where they stuck pencil erasers in odd booger places.........