Monday, June 29, 2015

Tillers of the Soil

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The project I have been moved to and hindered in, in stabilizing a practical corn crop which is non GMO, and is still of the Yellow Dent genus, is something I never dreamed I would be fascinated by, but the plants talk to me and the Holy Ghost explains things to me as I tend these creatures, and in that I enjoy the learning and relish the discoveries which are revelation to me, but .......of the, all the things that God already knows as He made everything by Jesus the Word of God.

The subject of this is "tillers", or suckers as they are typically called. I had read of the always experts in this, in their abhorence and hatred of all things tillers and suckers, and as experts are always right, they are never questioned.....but the more I listen to the Holy Ghost and listen to the plants, I see God's Wisdom in why He does things the way He does.

For example, farmers of wheat prefer cool wet weather in the spring when wheat sprouts as it forms a condition called "stooling". This means more wheat plants come out of the same kernel, so the farmer gets more crop for the seed planted.

Obviously this has limits, and this is where the Apple tree suckers, sucking from the fruit or corn tillers were frowned upon, as it supposedly takes from the main crop, and in corn it makes the rows supposedly not manageable in stalks protruding into least this is the expert frown on such things.

I grew up not in an age of open pollinated corn. It was all hybridized in my childhood, and while it was standardized, I can recall plants around 5 feet all in being short, and how it progressed to the monster tall plants, and what is now the sowing of corn like wheat in a field in it is Round Up too thick and grows like grass obliterating the rows.
The thought is to choke out weeds, but with Round Up scorched earth herbicide, there is not supposed to be a weed in a field, period.

There are no tillers in GMO corn. Not any difference in it is all the same clone really. No double corn cobs, no corn that does not germinate all at once, and ripen on cue, and no corn which jack could not climb to get the golden goose.

See I have an intimacy with my plants. The types of "gardens" I have would make people who think they garden, "cringe" at the size of what I do. I learned though as a child that one row at a time cleans up a garden, but you have to keep at it, in first cultivation, weeding and then second clean up. That is if it does not get wet and starts sprouting more weeds.

In that, I know my soils. I know I have gardens that sprout pig weed and lambsquarter, gardens which sprout burdocks, gardens which sprout smart weed. Each weed has a specific acidic trigger that it prefers, and that is why weeds grow.
I know the spots in the garden which are clay, which are sand, which are loam. I watch as some of my plants die for reasons of God and the way soil too rich as in goat manure created an albino plant.
I have noted that the corn this year has stripes in it, meaning that a deficiency is taking place due to a very cold spring.....that is what sulfur deficiency looks like in crops.

The main garden in which all this hinges is the slough, which is a gamble, as if it rains too much it floods. It is in that intimacy which I only have because rich people have not donated, so I do not have a rototiller or a tractor so I have a cultivator, that I do all of this work by hand with tools and my bare little hands weeding each row.

I was looking at the tillers in the corn and thinking about them, when the Holy Ghost started explaining things about them. Note, I have bunnies and wild animals in my gardens. Bunny has been fond of eating the tops of some of these corn off.........understand my corn is sweet tasting in the juices, and not algae bitter like Monsanto GMO is, so they really like this.
satan and it's minions have given me great experience in this, as chickens devoured my crop one season, and another mice appeared out of nowhere and ate my entire seed store which was tucked safely away in a spot which never was touched before.

The tillers are God's fail safe. While experts loathe them, God built them into plants to be able to gauge the conditions they were growing in......if it gets dry the tillers do not produce, but if it is wet, then they produce more energy for the main crop and for their own ears.

Yes if my bunnies or deer chow down on the main plant, there come the tillers to save that plant's genetics and not die out. Tillers are God's gift to cereal plants.

Not all of my corn has tillers though. These crops have been worked with by Indians and Americans for several generations. The Indian did not do a great deal of breeding, but in natural selection via nature, they did produce genus crops which were unique. The White breeders led by Oscar Will and others who are lost to history for their genius, created the crops which fed the world.
The corn I am currently testing is from an unknown farmer who happened to have a crop which did very well in drought. In working on this crop, I have noticed in my harvesting of individual ears, which I have posted here in photos, a type of varieties I have witnessed in other photo recordings by the major seed companies. I literally see Funks, DeKalb and other corns. I can see these million dollar seed companies in what they stole from this original breeder and created empires with this person's work.
I do have another variety which I had about 30 plants started from, as it is a very long season corn for this location. All the plants are not doing well, but enough of them are. If by God's Grace, some of them do produce, I will have a material to work with to create my own name brand in my natural selection with God's culling.

This is the stuff that is going to make the survivors of the world holocaust which is coming, have a crop which will feed them.

There are many problems with commerical propagation of the heritage varieties though and that is something the experts  have not dealt with. Most of the government and commerical nurseries are in the perfect growing areas of America, in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Take for example the Squaw Corns, like Mandan Bride. This corn was grown in the hostile conditions by Bismarck North Dakota. This corn had to deal with locusts, droughts, frosts, extreme heat, extreme wet and wind, wind, wind. For over 100 years now, this corn has been grown in fertile regions which pamper it, and it is losing it's identity.
Try growing heritage corns in primitive conditions now, and you will end up with no crop.

The great Oscar Will, is recorded in planting corn in sod, that he used a hatchet to chop a hole in to plant the seed. This was a lot which is now downtown Bismarck, and he left it, came back in the autumn and had a crop.
That is an amazing account of a corn variety, which still exists under the name of Dakota White. It though probably is not going to grow if planted in your lawn. It has though in some old seed I had, literally sprouted after years in storage. It has some surprising genetics tucked away in it.

These are the tillers of the soil. I am already pondering about keeping them, isolating them, and watching what they will do as a genus in this species. This corn is  talking to me and the Holy Ghost is explaining things to me in depth, so I understand what is taking place with this crop as well as others.

Amazing things while you are sitting there wasting your time, lying to yourselves in satan that you are making a difference, and none of you are getting your hands dirty in a field or putting yourself in the mix for what is right in this world.
You will answer for that, just like the weeds being pulled from the rows of corn. You are the weeds and no one is going to marvel over you, in what type of rich world you are acidicly growing in now displacing what God is growing for His Glory.

Tillers of the soil. The experts are not always right, almost never right in fact.