Sunday, June 28, 2015

Militant Christians


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With the infringement on Religious Rights in the United States over sodomite unions, in clergy in Idaho are now being ordered to perform marriage ceremonies or face jail, it is time for these spineless Pastors and Ministers who have scattered God's Flock for years to get into those pulpits and begin organizing resistance against this regime of satan.

Proposed Law Would Force Churches to Host Gay Weddings

"What we are ultimately going to see is churches forced to ... said the law would extend well beyond allowing access for gay weddings. "They (churches) ... pastor ...

America's Revolution was founded on Pastors being scourged and murdered by the British Government in America.

Huguenots were slaughtered by the Spanish in Florida and retaliated against that Government.

In Theodore Roosevelt's Winning of the West, the first clergy of Irish and Scotch making who came into the Ohio Country, beat bullies with their fists, shot savages with their rifles as they fought along with their congregations in war and hung traitors.

This is Christianity. When Zbigneiw Brzezinski can create Militant Islam and Obama's terrorists can employ it from Fort Hood to Benghazi to murder Americans, it is only right that Militant Christianity appears again in this Crusade against the forces of evil arrayed in this sodomite degradation of America.

The Germans of Martin Luther's day understood militancy and took action securing their rights. The clergy in Hitler's period of time, stood around watching as every group was picked off, until the Nazi came for the Lutheran Pastors and arrested them, then resistance was too late.

This is something you are going to have to discuss amongst yourselves and if your clergy is too cowardly to take a stand, as it has with it's Obama on the Lutheran Witness cover to the silence of the Southern Baptists, you had better comprehend that image Obama is a Jesuit boy, and that Vatican regime had the Pater Pope advocating for queers not that long ago. When all the Protestants are subdued under the heel of the state, then all that remains is that Church of Rome.

You will notice in this, that these fags are not demanding Muslims to officiate over their weddings. This is all aimed at Christians.

You are finding out who is a Christian in this, and you are going to get a cold slap in your face as to who your clergy is siding with......Jesus or satan's regime.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Either the resistance begins with Christians as the Lutherans in East Germany to topple that godless regime or prepare yourself to be sodomites and your children legally raped by your feudal masters.

The time for talk is over. The time for organized resistance, starting in Christian pulpits must begin or all will be marked by the beast.

Hic oritur authoritate Richardus Lion corde, Rex Christi Peregrinus

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