Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Private Letter


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was moved to post this private letter as many of you out there are feeling this way, and this correspondence I received this morning said it more perfectly than even I could. I post this to reveal just how many gifted and intelligent people there are in being Inspired by God. You may not think you are Patrick Henry material, but I do see it in all of you who write.

Dear LC
you have been absolutely on fire the last few 
weeks. The abomination of the scotus decision was, well, 
i don't have words. even seeing the course of the us, 
i was always thinking there was some sort of hope. 
america was always the land of trying to do the right thing. 
sure, we did plenty of wrong things, but it was always 
those couple of bad apples. even the abortion law, as 
disgusting as i feel it is, was a lawyers loop hole. 
murdering babies before they technically called them babies. 
and it was between the women and the doctor. if you didn't 
want to be involved, you could stay safely out of sight and 
out of mind and pretend it didn't effect your life. but this 
sodomy thing. an out in the open, in your face, no denying it, 
legalizing a sin.....and then using the power of the law and 
threat of lawsuits and jail to force every one to keep their 
mouths shut and go along with it. before, if someone was 
a sinner, of what ever kind, thief, liar, that was a personal 
decision. one the offender committed on their own, and 
ultimately, it would be on themselves to answer to God 
for the first time, it wasn't a few bad apples. it wasn't 
some misguided fools, it wasn't some lawyers squirming and 
twisting words. it was the country of america unambiguously 
giving God the finger. And then trying to I mean, I know 
america has been sliding. for years you've been saying 
america is dead. yeah sure, i heard you. yeah sure, i 
thought it. but for the first time, i felt it. for the first 
time, i truly deep down believed it. and it hurt
your posts right after that decision were amazing. i thank you. 
and the information you have been putting out recently has 
been top notch. i only request that if you had any insight on 
what anyone can do. sitting around and watching this disaster 
unfold just doesn't seem right. when an american sees a 
problem, the thing to do is to go out and do something. seeing 
a pile of wood creates the urge to start splitting. peeling 
paint needs scraping.  trash needs picking. just sitting back 
and watching just seems not right. sure, not everyone can be 
a sapper in the wire. people have baggage they just can't or 
won't put down to be able to move fast and quiet. but can 
there can still be things to do?
i wish there was some how i could help you in a meaningful way. 
i can afford a few coins now and then, but nothing game 
changing. i hope that some one comes through for you.
again, thank you and bless you

The question is always what can we do. My human side is influenced by the same emotions all people are. I wonder about doing things and what I more I could do too. I have to make it a point now that the things I discuss are on the walks TL and I take, as living in the brier patch is like Studio City California with all the surveillance I am under. I am surprised there is not an FCC broadcast license necessary for all the transmissions generated in and out of here.

I do not want to have any of you thinking that you are not doing anything, because you are. It helps to bring this to God's attention and beg for Jesus return and deliverance. This might not sound like much, but it is where this is fought out and it is God's will to prevail.

I am going to repeat again something which is important. For God's reason, Donald Trump is ripping this wide open. It does not matter why. It does not matter if he is not your political choice. What matters is, you have a breach torn in the wall, and it is important for you to exploit it. Exploiting it is not tearing down Donald Trump, but focusing on tearing out Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton in this first battle.
David John Oates was on Rense last night and had a chilling reverse speech of Jeb Bush. It was him speaking about the people who choose who will win in these primaries, and in reverse he plainly said something like, "the shadow always wins".
Yes Bush knows who are the props and who are the quislings in this. He is a quisling for the moment. It is important to neutralize the quislings by the Donald Trumps, and that means Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb on the left. You do things, but not abandoning people who are causing problems for the agenda being foisted on America.

If you are so moved, you can organize a local Committee of Conscience to do the same things the Founders did. You are going to be more of a target and if you get organized enough some BATFE Hutatree minder is going to blow things up for you, by recording things.......but if CoC is not it, the the T or  Trump Party is a place to vent things without ever uttering one word of threats, violence or anything else that is going to make you a target.

It is why I was moved to inquire concerning Donald Trump. The matrix says a horizon point is already constructed for next year. There is a time flow in this, where this event of his assassination in Galveston Texas has taken place. In inquiry, the mood of the cartel is, they would rather face a mob riot in murdering a mass of you by their police state, than have to deal with the damage Donald Trump is  going to inflict in fracturing the enslavement of Americans.
That is what is important and vital in this. It must be known that there is going to be too big of a penalty for the cartel if anything happens to Mr. Trump, or the mob is not going to be easily put down. Make the cost too much, and the cartel will work a deal to propagate itself as it did with Ronald Reagan.

Your most important job though is to not be a target of the police state, and prepare yourself for what is to come. It is one reason I posted about Anders Breivik in Norway going to university. That man has been a political prisoner in isolation for years. He should have been broken by now, and yet he is fighting back in the way he can. This is not some sixty minute drama with commercials. It appears he has weighed the options, and Dr. Breivik looks a great deal better in early parole than a shaggy troll in a cell.
You  make lemonade out of every situation and you understand that you are standing alone with Christ as a rugged individual. Do not rely on someone backing you up. Figure you got into this alone and no one is going to save you, but yourself.

None of you are ready for guerrilla warfare, urban warfare or street fighting. The Afroids in Ferguson proved that point in how worthless they are as a people in any movement without Martin King doing the planning for them.
If any of you breathe out of step now, you are a criminal, and none of you are going to do anyone any good in a jail cell. You will know when chaos begins to realize that the system is not going to make you a priority to hunt you.

It took God forty years to make a militia out of the Israelite slaves. You do not have 40 years, but you have not been hundreds of years in Egyptian captivity. You have though been damaged enough by the conditioning that none of you are thinking correctly as an American should.

This blog, as you will notice most of the mic heads, are not citing one thing to stir up the masses, because they well remember how the FBI turned on the Neo Nazi in the Storm Front groups and threw their entire leadership into prison......not because these people putting up websites had engaged in one act of violence, but because someone else had.........most likely pushed to it by some BATFE mole as in Hutatree.
Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah do no want to be dragged out of their beds in their underwear at 3 AM. You will notice that when that posted here, that World Net Daily pretty much gave up the ghost in standing up for America. They were scared off and the regime carved out another ovary from the dead American Virgin for the sacrifice.

So I tell you to behave. Do not make yourself a target. Plead to God. Let some other flame thrower take a bullet as you bide your time, awaiting for the events to unfold to give you the liberty to move about, as millions of you will then be too many to deal with in 20 SWAT for each of you.

There is a reason I tell you to study history and put those examples up here in resistance. Now is not the time for civil disobedience or outrage as Rush Limbaugh was edging you toward.
Learn to keep your mouth shut. You do not need an audience as if that is what you are interested in, Hollywood and the internet have enough dipshits to fill that cesspoo.
Ask yourself questions in how much would it be worth in some KGB crackdown to know the drone centers locations, know the hubs on all those traffic cams, know police officers who will be friendly to you? Just what in not making yourself look like a threat to the cartel can you do, besides making certain you have enough supplies to take care of you and keep your location secure?

I honestly cringe now in hearing people like Frosty Wooldridge inform the world that his Denver has 100,000 invaders in his midst. One Muslim just knocked off 5 Marine pigeons in non firearms stations. Do the math my children and my brats........40 million Mexicans and Muslims each taking out 5 Americans, is 200 million Americans in one hour.
It would not take long to make Americans of any skin color extinct at a kill rate like that.

I do not want any of you despondent. God predicted only a remnant would be saved. That means the majority are going to be culled. It might be interesting to live in an era of heightened senses like the old west. It might be comforting now to look at the reprobates around you knowing they will be rotting on their lawns in mass as they prey on each other.

If you are a real Christian, you have a better deal awaiting for you. That is part of this education in learning to not make this world a god to you, in something so very important as it is not going to last.
You are learning and your mindset is changing. You are becoming convinced now the Lame Cherry's predictions were not just blather like others. You keep yourself in God's Word, do not act out, and you are going to turn into someone you were meant to be.
You are already a lifetime ahead of the other inferiors who are still falling for the lies in elections matter, the courts will protect you and that you are a free person.

Let us just see how the Trump scenario plays out, and not be let down no matter the outcome, as we still have to take one more step ahead tomorrow.

"I prefer my heroes dead, as they are no longer alive to disappoint."

- Lame Cherry

Each of you is doing enough in keeping yourselves safe. There is no saving a world that is going to tear itself down. Treasure in Heaven and be clever as the sinners of the world in dealing with what is upon you.

Protocol 1: Leave your damn cell phones off in your house, go outside and talk about things which matter to you there. Then, do not post every blessed thing you know on Facebook.
(Yes I know about batteries being pulled......but what about the ability to send a charge through the air like Tesla to feed energy to your non battery phone so the Homoland can still hear you? Did not think of that eh?)

Just get away from that cell phone as a start of something you can do.