Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Use for the Dead Jew


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder at the Jewish leftist leadership being offended by Mike Huckabee's comment about Obama marching them to the furnace door, as what is the Obama regime engaged in but making the Mideast a giant microwave oven utilizing weapon's grade uranium in a nuclear holocaust, which will actually be a real holocaust and not a hijacked Vatican word pasted on what was in reality Jewish work to death camps.

That is something I never did understand in how is it worse in a fiction of gas chambers and crematorium ovens for 6 million Jews, than a reality of Jews sold as slave labor to the Nazi's and those Jews dying of disease and starvation by the allies blowing up all the food transports to the work camps making them death camps?
I call that rhetorical, as there are more important things to consider.

The Jewish state has like several million Jews. That is allot of dead Jews when it comes to Iran nuking them for Obama. I mean that is a pile of corpses that will be a problem, as you can not bury them or it would contaminate the ground water and leaving them rot above ground would cause epidemic diseases. I mean the Persian communists and image Obama have reached the final solution, but they have not projected this out as to what to do with them, as a big Jewish compost heap is not exactly going to work, as the human body is not like a pile of leaves.........humans just sort of melt and run to a stinky mess, while leaves become compost which plants love.

So that is the problem, what is the world going to do with the Dead Jew as part of Obama image policy. There will be fuel bills in skid steer loaders loading them and packing in say 1000 Jews a day into a cargo train would be like 6000 days to get them cleaned up, and by that time more people would be dead. It would take like 6000 skid steers working and I have not even factored in the trains.
All of this was much easier when the Nazi were handling things, or the fiction of all of this, as live and dead Jews require allot of train space.

James Wolsey said once that the human body had like so many liters of crude oil in it, when rendered down. That is all a solution, but how long would it take to build up that many crude oil plants to deal with those dead Jews, even if they could be turned into a product the Iranians and the Obama family could jet around the world on.

It is the thing in this, that there seems to be not any thought in Obama policy. It is like his Nobel Prize. You just get it and expect it to all work out, but when you got 6 million dead Jews, it is more than just a medal you wear around your neck.

In checking history, I see allot of dead end up as lion, jackal and raven food, but there is not allot of wildlife around the Mideast, and it would take too long to ship dingoes and coyotes to the Mideast to gnaw on these Jews, to convert them to........goodness it would be like 50 million piles of dingo shit which once was Jews.

I did see the buffalo in America were all skinned out, their tongues pickled and their bones were picked up to be ground to fertilizer. That Jew skin lamp things was propaganda, and I do not think there would be a market for them, as much as pickled Jew tongues at the Super Bowl with Obama cheetos, but maybe the bones could end up as bonemeal, but that is allot of grinding up bones too.

America has a few rendering plants, which turn Humane Society pets into pet food, like decomposed cows called tankage ends up in pet food. Maybe there could be a designer cat food, like Jew and Boots, a delicacy made with real Jew meat, but would the world really be ready for that considering all the Planned Parenthood babies ending up in the food chain and Texas smelling like Mexican dead crotch on the border.

We live in such a civilized world, I just do not know if we would be ready for Jew cat food with all of that other civilized activity taking place.

I think it would be better to maybe keep the Jews alive for awhile until this dillema is figured out. I mean there is the issue of radioactive Jew meat and bones. Not much market for glow in the dark cats eating glow in the dark Jew meat or having glow in the dark Jew bone meal making your tomatoes glow in the dark.

A radioactive Jew does not seem to be like a dead Indian, in being good dead. I do not know why the Jewish majority voted for Birther Hussein when he keeps trying to make them like amber bugs enclosed for the ages, but in their case encased in a glassy sea.

Maybe that is what this is all about, a sort of Obama artsy fartsy legacy for the ages. Just like amber is worn by women, in a few years all those freak males like Bruce Jenner will be wearing dead Jews around for necklaces or if you got a big fat one, have a Jew tub to take a bath in. Who would need a rubber ducky when you had a Jew encased forever in a bed of glass.

This is all such a bother really, but maybe there is an Obama halo lining in it all, as with an ice age forming, as Obama was flat world wrong about global warming, maybe all those Jew ashes and burning up Jews would help raise CO2 levels to raise the temperature of the planet.
You do remember that Obama used to have the White House up to greenhouse temperatures in 2009, but now with the Jinn it has cooled off. Maybe with all that Saudi oil surplus, it could be used to fix Obama's Iranian nuclear problems and save the planet from an ice age. Maybe that was what was planned all along. Yes I can see every idiot liberal falling for that propaganda. Do not burn fossil fuels, but burn a Jew instead.

I really think there is probably more uses for a live Jew than a dead Jew, but as this is about marching Jews to oven doors and Obama with the turban heads making a nuclear holocaust, the world is just sort of stuck with another Rockefeller, Rothschild and Soros project of what to do with surplus Jews like in 1940's Europe.

Do not forget that New York has more Jews than the Israeli state. The world must prepare for this fast cooked Jew. They are too big for Bruce Jenner jewelry, too much to replace a Thanksgiving turkey and it is probably why the world kind of quit making dead Jews after 1945 as there just was not a use for them.

It is the age of Obama though and he did find a use for millions of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood.

To settle all of this, next time Mike Huckabee, just say, "Walking up to the microwave door for the popcorn". That way everyone can pretend that dead Jews in mass are not a problem and we all can just enjoy the dead aborted babies and the glint off the Obama Nobel Peace Prize.