Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tooth and Claw

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are reasons I dislike Facebook, and one of the foremost is the having to deal with people of limited experience, and not being drawn in like this to having to explain things to the greater population, so they do not end up dead.

The subject was "Cecil" the lion which was killed by a hunter. "Cecil" is pure stupidity as this lion did not know his name, would not come if called and all "Cecil" does is give a name to manipulate people who are prone to emotional manipulation that all is a 'born free' world which ignores the fact that lions kill animals and people, in a most brutal way, as that is what they do, including killing their own kind.

This murderous lion was "protected" on his own welfare reservation, which is funded by money from rich people. "Cecil" was living off the deaths of other creatures and humans, but that is all lost like "Free Willy" and other nonsense which ignores that killer whales brutally eat other whales alive and smash seals to death in the surf for fun.

The place of this real world drama is Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe. An English colony, which settlers like Americans were promised land if they developed it. In return for building families for generations on those lands, the black communists, kindred of Barack Hussein Obama, committed white genocide all through Africa and stole all of these people's lands and displaced them.
You never hear about this diaspora as they are white people, and we all know that white people deserve death, and lions deserve places in our hearts.

Cecil Obama has destroyed hundreds of thousands of children in and out of the womb, as his pet Robert Mugabe destroys both human and wildlife in Rhodesia, and yet the deluded are heart string pulled for a murderous lion as the Obama voter fawns over this capital criminal. They will tell all though, they are so much more right and superior, as they disagree with the facts of the Lame Cherry.

Robert Mugabe is one of thee worst despots in world history, but as Mugabe has sold all of Rhodesia to cartel exploitation, he is able to live on in the age of Obama, in his murderous rampage which has outrage for a predator being killed rightfully, while Rhodesians have been annihilated as a people.
Yes there is no sympathy for people, just those damn predators which kill everything in sight.

This is lost on people in the cities, in their comfort and safety. TL was telling me today that TL was indifferent to predators, until TL came to the brier patch. It is a different life when you wake up to coyotes howling knowing they are eating bambi, eating thumper........while a horned owl is eating the brains out of your chickens, and a wolf leaves foot prints in your yard, in being protected and raised by the Obama regime to kill everything, to drive people off the land, and to stop hunting, so people will have no means or need for guns.
I have placed this reality with historical proof here time and again, and yet it does not get through, as all the world thinks of in it's comfort is............people were mean to me, so I will associate with animals which I am told are pure, and worry about polar bears on non existent icebergs and poor little Cecil who orders his dinners from Walmart in this make believe fiction of the new world order, to dehumanize people and to humanize beasts.

I was told today in all of this, "We can agree to disagree", which is something of a red flag in front of me. I was first told this by Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle. Yes Lame Cherry does know people and Lame Cherry loathes people.
Tom when confronted with facts always took that liberal out of agreeing to disagree. Lame Cherry does not do that as that is condoning idiocy and agreeing to defeat. I do not answer for others sins and I am not about to let things alone ever. Get off of my cloud as I am not about to have my parade rained on.

There is something more in this though which is serious, and it is reality. Forensic Psychology reality. For those who think Donald Trump is going to take American back for you, you are a fool.  Politics is the tool of the cartel to rape your children and to make you a criminal. When people have no concept of what Cecil means, it is the red alert that they are not prepared in the least to survive. They do not have the ability to pull a trigger or make the hard decision when it comes to it. They rely on others to do the killing for them in the present and in the future they will be absolutely worthless to watch your back or defend what you have in your community.

There is not going to be time for gradual learning in what is to come. You are not going to have the luxury of having some Americans slaughtered in a wagon train or some farmer and his wife raped and murdered with their children, by the Indians in giving you days to prepare. When the world comes to the Great Tribulation, you are already going to have to have learned the lessons, as learning in progress means the same lesson of having your brain licked out by a lion.

That is an African story which always was remembered, as a few years ago, some white people on tour, were in a nice thatch hut, when a lioness appeared for a meal. She had a fondness for human brain, and was quite the expert of it, in she could cap a human skull like the English do a poached egg and the lick the fatty brain tissue out.
In this instance, I believe it was the terrified husband cowering under his cot, listening to his wife's brains being licked up.

The very lessons of Little Red Riding Hood which people were taught to survive in not trusting strangers or to go into the woods alone as the predators would eat you, are now gone in Coca Cola polar bear commericals as people have absolutely no existential experience in what is right and what is wrong.
Americans have had taken from them their natural state of aggression, had it repressed from attacking the elite, and turned onto each other in raping each other in school, attacking each other in politics and backstabbing those who are there trying to pull all of you out of this abyss.

It is a reality that most people are going to have shock therapy in an education of the very things which are erupting around this world, as white people are the target now, as the colorized versions of humanity prey upon their own groups, but then the Mexican is learning quickly to rape and murder white people, so evolution does occur. Being gang raped, watching your neighborhood go up in fire, experiencing the reality of a wolf eating someone you care about, is something which "I told you so" will not matter. For at that point, you will have become an animal, and all of those pretty things which made your life a fiction will not save you, and only tooth and claw will lose to tooth and claw, as history proves, lions are bigger and stronger, and mobs always hunt in groups.

All of this will be lost and ignored as all is, as I reside in the future and know all of these realities. The time for lions laying down with lambs is only after Jesus returns. Americans and peoples of the West have had a false reality, formed from their ancestors who were  busy fighting for their lives in massacring savage Indians and Africans, along with wiping out those other damned 4 legged predators, so all of the ivory towers could enjoy the fruits from that bloodied soil.

I look at the spoor of Cecil, and I behold the dead, the living dead. The jungle hides many secrets, but if you know how to read the sign, then you recognize how the cartel assesses each and everyone one of us, as hunters, predators and prey.

I have wasted far too much time on this, and I only pray that Jesus would be blessed by the Father to stop this time being wasted and just get on with the killing as fire and brimstone replaced by meteor and atomic bomb brings the same results.

These are some of the predators who have been thinking for you and turning you into prey as Cecil is the human you focus upon. It will be pedophiles next.
You really are following people who look this retarded on the right and the left.

 The hippo is really enjoying how beautiful lions are too and appreciates how their  protected welfare nature is important and the hippo like all prey, have no value in this life.