Friday, July 10, 2015

Ace up the Hole


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The problem with the political agitators of the Jeff Rense group is it is all love at first sight and eternal hatred thereafter.

- Lame Cherry

In 2008, Jeff Rense was enamored for a few moments with Sarah Palin, before going misogynist in turning on her like all the political rapists of the cartel. As of late, Rense and his group were infatuated with Donald Trump, until the giant litmus test of Jew Tool came to the front again and will begin the woman's scorn again for Mr. Trump.

The reason for bringing this up is, agitators and cartel minders have a purpose in destroying the better chances America has, while giving America her wife beater to destroy her.

I am a pragmatist in election theft. I view the world as a place where we are a paraplegic and we need a horse to ride the hell out of this abyss. The people who run the Rense gambit, like the Ron Paul faithful, shoot every damn horse in the pen, as each has something wrong with it, rather than getting a horse that can be used to work for your political prejudices.


Donald Trump is a populist. He is saying exactly the correct things when an Obama minder like George Nouri is parroting that fag republican, Reince Prebus, trying to get Mr. Trump to "tone it down".
If Donald Trump tones it down, he is going to lose the one leg he has to stand on doing him any good, and that is using jingoistic emotion to drive a large enough group to the polls to thwart any election theft.

Donald Trump is in a position to do something not since Theodore Roosevelt. Mr. Trump can gut the GOP down the middle, and cause a socialist like Woodrow Wilson to be installed. That would be Hillary Clinton in this case, but that is not the objective as this blog does not back Hamrod Clinton.

The focus of this is to neutralize Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and yes Scott Walker, as I will not support him in being for Obamatrade.

None of this is to state that I agree with Donald Trump on all the issues. I will never support evolving understanding on sodomite marriage, nor any more gun restrictions, as much as being drawn into this endless cartel Jew Muslim strife.
There is not going to be peace in the Mideast until Christ returns. Armageddon is coming with all the meddling and that will settle the accounts. The further America can get away from this situation, the better it will be. Someone is going to rule that land, and if the cartel proxies for the Ashkenaz minders want to stand around and fight over scorched earth, that is their decision.

America has more self inflicted problems than what billionaire Jews are buying in politics. America has been invaded and sodomized. America has a huge Inter-venous Vampire of the conglomerates having sucked the life out of America. America is dead. What America now needs is a strong man, to rule for America, and undo Obama dictates.
This is not going to be fixed with any political order. This is either going to be a revolution coupled with an invasion in which Robes Pierre starts mass trials and executions just as France went through 3 waves of murder, or it can be undertaken in a purge of someone like Donald Trump, who does not mind killing people for the good of America.
It is a reality of controlled homicide or out of control mass murder.

"Did you happen to notice Rush Hudson Limbaugh bitch slapping poor little latino 

None of you have figured this out, that what comes in the next waves of this is the reality of Stalin and Hitler. This cartel is far too intelligent to resort to internment camps and mass starvation. The new drones will plague you selectively in mosquito fleet serin injections as sure as Bill Gates polio plague in India.
You have to understand that the Rense types, the Jones types for Jewry, the Homo Hannity type minders will be the first to be dispatched. Voices which breed anarchy, back other factions or know too much in being paid operatives, will be neutralized. It only takes one Tokyo Rose to speak to a nation, not 50 for each little faction in one for rednecks and one for white collar.

There is a reality in this, that Donald Trump if he can not be disrupted, this disruptor, will meet a JFK end as certain as grassy knolls in Dallas. The reality will be, either he will be an Andrew Breitbart murdered on the street in natural causes and his group hijacked or his brains scattered and his group scattered.
There is also the reality for a little electronic wave brainwashing that Donald Trump might be triggered to start saying the things of Dr. Strangelove.
Rich men in America either join the Bill Gates global assassination squad or they end up like John Heinze in John Kerry marries your grass widow.

The one certainty I have in assessing this, is in searching for Donald Trump photos, there is nothing from the press which is attractive. Every photo makes Mr. Trump look goofy. That means he is literally his own man, has caught the establishment flat footed, and they have not yet arrived at an operation to destroy him.

Either a nation is alive or a nation is dying. America is dying and being eaten alive. The Republic is dead, but the people are deceiving themselves they are free and that there is a future yet. When nations die, it is awful in the extreme.

The reality is Hillary Clinton with the structure in place will unleash a political cleansing of opponents, worse than her last time in being co president. Jeb Bush will be an Obama Komandant of the gulag working you all to death and using the imported replacement slaves. This is death, and at this juncture, Donald Trump is the loose cannon which can go off, in which the cartel will exploit his moves, and exploit him as George W. Bush to achieve further goals.

There is only one perfect Master in this, and that is Jesus the Christ. What astutely now is the catalyst of Donald Trump, in the attempt to neutralize Jeb Bush and company.....leaving his latin minder of Ted Cruz as Vice President. That is thuggery which is acceptable for a puche as it will achieve what is acceptable collateral damage of those pandemic carriers who have murdered America and the West.

No one else by design has managed to create an emotional wave in Americans. Donald Trump has. He is running the right direction and running over the opposition is the first goal in this being pulled out of the abyss.

I do not know who I will waste my vote on, but I know I will not be voting for Hillary II or Bush III in Obama's 3rd term.

It is an easy thing to talk about things and be paid for it. It is a different matter when God requires you to say things or you will be responsible for other's sins, or if you are not right about things, you are sentenced to death.

So here it is. Nicky Hilton’s highly anticipated wedding dress to marry James Roshschild

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