Sunday, July 19, 2015

As a ..........whatever

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know what version of Windows or whatever you are running, but the following is for the astutely, not ignorant, not lazy, just sort of did not think of that crowd.....or if like me, you are on dial up and dial up takes dinosaur age to download things.

I run a pirate copy of Windows XP. Not so much pirate, but it has no whatever on it as it was from another person who had it and it got all misplaced in the matter as XP is not supported by Bill Gates any more.

Thing is I like XP.......liked 98 too, but things just disappear and are a hassle to download without internet or sitting there 3 hours installing XP Pro on your computer and then spending hours more downloading the Service Packs.

The following links are the Service Packs I found and is my intent to download to a Flash Drive File, so it will not take forever to install things. I like old computers as I can not blink faster than even a the point of this helpful information, is if you have gigs to spare, download these files or files for whatever you are running in Vista, 2000, 7 or even that horrid 8 which I will never run, and have them on we all need to be up to date to get NSA spied upon.




I would love to be able to share here some of the sweet 32 bit programs I have kept and not lost. There is a Free Weather program which runs off their site that I have, that I adore as it is so very small. These are the things I keep on my disc files and just fire them up........thing is flash drive is so much easier now, that one might as well use the plug and play in that codex.

My favorite programs are the old versions.......before you get alerts about your being rich in questions like WebWord, which is something I use.......Bible Plus is a great Bible program..........Jarte is the one I use for Word.........I like my free Kindle reader for books...........Real Player  for mpegs...........Zone Alarm for a firewall.............Paint Shop Pro for photos......AVG anti virus.........and the Netscape family now Mozilla in Firefox and Thunderbird.
I also have this Cool PDF Reader for those files which is free and is very small.

I loved playing when I had time, Escape from Wolfenstein or whatever that anti Nazi game was. If I could find that old Microsoft Viper or a game where you flew this space plane and shot aliens........I  would like that too, and of course I have never found a free Spades game without a ton of adware on it.

The plan is to go to the library as they have something like 40 gigs a second download and pick up the Service Packs and all of this is about updating my old Dell dinosaurs running out of 450 speed. I have two of those came from an honest man in Minnesota who salvaged it from an office, and my being warped by that honesty, I bought one from a dishonest male in Kansas, who had jumbled parts together and when it arrived the fan was knocked loose........the bluescreen was on and XP was corrupted. After complaining to Ebay that I should not have to fix a computer I bought......they found in my favor, and at 30 dollars shipping.......I still have it......and I fixed the thing.
It just needs the Service Packs to make it

Oh if you want to check which version of whatever you are running is..........

Go into START


Type in WINVER

and a window will pop up showing you what you have.

Nice guy Minnesota computer is running Service Pack the reason it does not turn off automatically and Kansas prick is running Service Pack 2. Thing about that Kansas stinks like a brothel in all perfume when I start it. Have no idea what that faggot was about in bathing a computer in perfume.

Run will open all sorts of things if you bother to know the commands.......just be careful at times as it does open things if you type in the advanced settings.

Ok you learned something.......are taught to be prepared and that is about it. I intend to run XP Pro until Jesus returns as I like the platform......would be running 98 if that was part of the agenda yet too.

I leave it at that.