Sunday, July 19, 2015

Future Lower Barbie Problems


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you recall when Don Imus was suspended for using the term nappy head, concerning Afroids? There has been a host of liberal hosts who have been fired or fined for saying racist things, but what if I were to post something from the New York Times which is racist, and this person was never touched as being a conduit of Mockingbird.

I know that is boring and happens all the Obama time, but this story is much deeper as I never deal in trivialities on the Lame Cherry.

It is proven that Maureen Dowd is an Ameriphobe, Christophobe, Normaphobe, but the reality of this is the following in Bushworld on page 392:

"It's probably useless to start correcting the inbred Saudis on facts, but just for the record, Barbie was a knockoff of a German floozy doll."

Could you imagine if Dowd had written about those inbred niggers, all the hell which would have broken loose, but it is fashionable to attack the monarchs of Saudi Arabia, as they are pro Bush, pro right wing and pro know like Homo Hannity attacking Islam for promoting being straight.

I am more interested in this from the Tavistock and Stanford mind manipulation though of societies, like the cultural revolution in the West which has been proven that the CIA in MKULTRA was testing and dumping LSD on the streets for the riots which ripped America apart in the late 1960's, which led to such events as mass divorce, mass infidelity in breaking up homes, and now the sodomite legalizing by the John Roberts traitorous Supreme Court for the image of Obama.

The following quote Dowd reports the AP which is more Mockingbird propaganda, focused on the Saudi mutawwa's website writing this, "Jewish Barbie dolls, with their revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence of the perverted West."

This is what stirred Dowd up to the attack in Muslims writing that Barbie Doll is Jewish, and that the Jews were behind trying to export these pedophile child conditioners in sexing up children in the Kingdom.

I did some checking and found a list online of Jewish owned companies. You might be surprised that almost every huge toy manufacturer is owned by Jews. So in reality, that sexist Barbie doll which feminists and moral people have scorned for years, was indeed a piece of designed Jewish propaganda to sex up children, and it has made billions.

The genesis of "Barbie" was Ruth Mosko Handler, a daughter of Polish Jews in Colorado. Mattel was a company she helped start with her husband, Elliot Handler and Harold Mattson.
Mosko Handler watched her daughter playing with paper dolls and pitched the idea to Mattel to make boobie dolls for children. Her husband and the partners wanted no part of this porn, but Handler on a trip to Europe found a German port doll manufactured for adults in the Bild Lilli. She took this pornography home and converted it into the Barbie named after her own daughter.


Barbie was released in 1959, but consumers wanted no part of this porn bimbo. That was until Mattel struck upon the idea to pay huge sums as sponsors for the children's Mickey Mouse Club, and the toy they pushed on little girls was bimbo porn Barbie.
It was that strategy of manipulating children, by putting porn into Disney which started the sexual exploitation of children.

So are the Saudi's correct concerning Barbie porn? They are 100% correct, just as Disney has been degraded from Walt Disney's moral empire for children, to the sodomite production for Mockingbird societal transformation, and it all began with Barbie porn.

All of this might have been able to be dismissed not that long ago, but Americans are experiencing with the dictatorship of the Obama regime joined at the hip with the Supreme Court in the rationed death of Americans, along with Americans being sodomized by political rape, exactly like the Roe Wade aborticide murder of Americans.

The Saudis like the Ugandans are under siege for morals, from Homo Hannity to Maureen Dowd. The Saudis had the where with all though to ban Barbie on September 11, 2003. Americans though as the communist laughed about selling them the rope to hang themselves, simply were the johns buying from the pimps the mind conditioning in how to prostitute their daughters, who all now desire to be centerfolds and can not whore themselves enough for free on the internet.

This is how cleverly Mockingbird operates. Dowd places before the world the facts, but derides the moral compass as wrong, but never mentions that the Saudi culture was absolutely right in their charges in who was behind trying to dump kiddie porn into their Kingdom.

I return again to Dowd typing the racial slur of calling Arabs "inbreds", like that other class of American Christians Southerners who just came up on the fillet board in the Confederate Flag operation by the Obama Hutatree, Gun Runner.........just like dope on the streets in MKULTRA and the porn dolls for little children in Barbie.

A partial list of Jewish companies from online is posted below. All of the conduits to warp your minds, so your deviant children are all gay pride American genocide.

and for those who doubt the CIA in the imported Nazi's of Operation Paperclip never made money dumps into American corporations to progress and agenda.......

Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google

... clandestine services case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, ... by making it known that the CIA helped bankroll Google at ...

Add to that Mark Zuckerberg of Face Book, in that Obama money dump and Wall Street money funnel all warping your minds to accept the devil's destruction of American Christianity. It is not by chance or talent, this is by design at more times than not.

nuff said

MTV and Nickelodeon (Viacom)
Oracle Corporation
Dell, Inc.
Warner Brothers
Dreamworks SKG
Universal Studios
20th Century Fox
Columbia Pictures

Jeff Skoll, co-founder of eBay
Sun Microsystems
PayPal (before being bought by eBay)
Cisco Systems
Mirabilis and ICQ
Dunkin' Donuts
Baskin Robbins
Toys R Us
Wynn Hotels
Carnival Cruises
Neiman Marcus
Royal Carribean Cruises

Calvin Klein
Home Depot,
Kenneth Cole

Loews Corporation
Goldman Sachs
H&R Block

Charles Schwab Corp.
Progressive Insurance

 Yes Maureen Dowd, why confuse your readers with the facts as it is easier to just be another Obama pedophile rapist promoter.