Friday, July 3, 2015

Bill Gates New Programme For Your Ovaries

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Do you recall when this blog informed you in the Polio Biological War which was funded by Microsoft or Homosoft as it is now called, Bill Gates?
Gates had injected Indian children and 50,000 of these children developed non paralyzing Polio in a one says a word about this, but Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a Nazi law to force California children to be injected with more Big Pharm poison.

The only thing I was pleased about in this, is Jim Carey is going nuts over Nazi Brown injecting children with Big Pharm much you want to bet that George W. Bush hating Jim Carey voted for Jerry Brown?

Any way, this update is on a new Bill Gates wonder toy. The toy was funded by MIT and developer Robert Langer. What this is, is new micro chip birth control which is to be implanted into those same dark skinned females in India and Africa for profit.

Remote-Controlled Contraceptive | MIT Technology Review

A startup has developed a contraceptive chip ... to Robert Langer's MIT lab. Gates and his colleagues asked Langer if it were feasible to create birth control ...

The chip is tiny, and it is implanted in the body, and it is loaded with hormones in some hard pack, which is then zapped by electricity like a lightning bolt which women are not supposed to feel......melts this block, meaning it is hotter than the 98.6 human temperature, and this then is the hormone absorbed into the body.
Yes human hormones solidified into a block, and then super heated and absorbed into the body.
Yeah......that sounds like some super PMS psycho thing or cancer maker.

Never mind though as it is going to be tested in more brown skin chicks at the end of this year, and will be fully deployed in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

Yes a remote control birth control chip.......never mind that robot that at the VW plant that went berzerk and ate an employee.......

So you heard it here first probably.......Bill and Melinda Gates got their good MIT Mengele to come up with a real profit turner, while murdering the source of all the world's problems, those pesky baby makers.

Yes Homosoft, that brave new cyber world.......bringing you one day polio pandemics, another day sodomy.........the next day hyped up hormone chips zapping itself to drip into some woman's body ...........yes cell phones grow tumors in the human body by radio waves.......I guess when the Bill Gates birth control chips start growing tumors or kids as big as tumors as the birth control does not work..........

Why is it that Bill Gates is not before The Hague for crimes against humanity for biological attacks on children in India on 50,000 counts of health terrorism.

nuff said