Monday, July 13, 2015

Bush man Out


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The 2016 primaries are becoming fun........more fun than when one just had decade old the Wizard of Hamrod and Jebus Bush, both looking for Obama's 3rd term.

Bernie Sanders talking gun rights.............James Webb talking like Hubert Humphrey with a fag kid.

Then there is thrive divorced, sometimes bankrupt biilionaire, who is flexible on the issues, except for walking up to everyone with a kick to the nuts, Donald Trump.

The GOP is the fun primary, as the entire leadership of child molester Dennis Hastert hates Donald Trump and these enables everywhere it seems from Lucianne Goldberg's site can not print enough warnings on Trump from him being "boring".........and to him not sticking around in the Donald flip Trump talk it is flexible negotiations that no one really cares about.

The fun is, all of the strawmen and scarecrow Jebus are all standing around trying to get someone to look up their skirt, and no one gives a damn what Christy, Bush and the million also rans have got going on under their panties.

See I have not forgotten the betrayal of Scott Walker, nor has anyone else. Breitbart is busy pimping Ted Cruz, the Obamatrader too, but in this, we have the construct of the National Enquirer voting block. By this I explain simply in if Donald Trump has the Mexican mafia gunning for him.........then Scott Walker trying to be Ronald Reagan and John Kasich getting no play as a Reagan ruler, do look like the security blanket voters might like to crawl under.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal. That is a reality. The left has Bernie Sanders the communist and Jim Webb the nigger knocker.........and that Liz Warren is cuddled up with John McCain trying to look like a prophet for the banking collapse........if you can't be President in the Bush family sabotaging you, then why not rule the White House from the Senate chamber.

The point in this, is no one cares about these props of Jebus and Hamrod. The left is to be pitied in they have no one like Donald Trump to move their mob.......just olde Bernie and he has to be in bed by seven every night.

Think about that, in all the press is about Donald Trump and what he is doing. Jebus Bush could not get a cover story if........well he raised Terri Schiavo from the grave. When you have 500 Republican frauds diluting the pool, that pool has a drain chute, and Jeb Bush is being sucked down it in the fast fill of Donald Trump and others now looking for a Mexican ballast, a Cheesehead ballast or perhaps something boring and cranky from Ohio. Look Dick Cheney was a great rock for George what could be better for the GOP, than the Donald grabs all the press like NAFTA did American jobs, and then the gossip rags wonder, will it be..........

Carly Fiorina for that girl thing.

Scott Walker for that .........kick unions in the ass thing.

John Kasich for that .......budget thing.

Ted Cruz for that .......Mexican thing.

I have something about living in the future, and what is today looking like a taco sounds good, is a tomorrow where people think they do not want a foreigner out of Canada that looks like Mexicans a heartbeat from the White House.

What happens my children if the staged collapse takes place? Remember John McCain is trolling that banking bill again. McCain is no damn fool. He is connected to the gambling mafia, and he knows the undercurrents. What if a massive contraction starts taking place in people losing money in the stock market, the real news of  the economy and unemployment starts appearing as Bernie Sanders blurted out.........and everyone figures it is time to blame the rainbow warrior in Obama the Designer Negro.

Who then rises to the surface as a Vice President if Donald Trump follows through? Do not forget that Americans are  loyal as hell. Donald Trump can piss this up a 1000 ways, but Americans are going to remember that Donald Trump kicked Obama in the ass first as a Birther and started kicking the hell out of Mexicans.
That is foundation stock.........that is Ronald Reagan on the radio building his base who remained always loyal. Donald  Trump has it and he is not going to lose it no more than Ross Perot did, until he sends it away.

The Donald is a business man...........Carly Fiorina is a business politics like Trump. That is her minus as she is Trump flame thrower in a skirt who could not start the blaze as Donald did.

Walker is the white guy who kicks unions butt, but he is white........talking about Reagan XXXXI has no appeal after that Obamatrade thing.

Then there is Governor John Kasich.....the gruff ruler of Ohio........white but his Dick Cheney stare trumps the white guy thing.......and Kasich can deliver Ohio to the Donald and that matters more than Wisconsin which Walker should deliver up too.

It is doubtful if Carly Fiorina could deliver California, if she could, then she is the easy choice. In the games of numbers though, it is a numbers game, and logic leans toward Kasich at this moment in time.

Donald Trump brings on board James Webb as defense.......that puts Virginia into play for Trump soundly. That is the construct.
Trump has to carry the GOP states, but Trump brings into play three things Hillary Clinton needs to win, in Ohio, Virginia and New York.

Yes if the Empire State Man is in the ring with the Arkansas Queen squatting over Huma's wiener, then it is a possibility that Donald Trump wins New York in the grudge match as a native.

For all the propaganda, no one on the table brings what Donald Trump does in the electoral college. Bush brings Texas and Florida........Rubio brings Florida......Cruz brings Texas and maybe Florida........with the swing states having to be delivered by local politicrats. Trump at this point is the only National Candidate, able with manipulation of the politic to deliver what matters.

The same is the reality for Hillary Clinton. She brings the dead head states. She can swing in a close election enough stolen votes over Bush, Rubio, Cruz etc... Take that margin though in a fervor for Donald Trump.....let Trump meld Rand Paul in the mix, and suddenly a coalition forms, including unions which people can look at the GOP field serving as cabinet members........Donald the attention getter at the Oval Office saying all the things Americans like hearing without apology........and like Dick Cheney, John Kasich, Mr. Budget starts looking like just the security the soccer Mom's need to fix all the bankruptcy Obama's hot two term fuck gave them in leaving them with their credit cards maxed out and a disease on their pussy.

I place these realities before you as that is what the number crunchers are doing on the right and the left. No one is going to tell you these realities, but instead lie to you, to promote one of these other GOP frauds.

Donald Trump is a negotiator in making deals. If I were advising Mr. Trump, I would have him put out feelers to the ducks in a row, from Jim Webb, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina etc.... and hell promise Ted Cruz to be Texas Regent in charge over the northern Mexican territories to manage them for rebuilding and return of Mexicans......and this all starts falling into place quickly.

Do not though count Jebus Bush out. He has the fag billionaire and intelligence players...........there is that odd reverse speech comment he made in telling people to get on their knees to worship him for being in charge of oil. He has the power elite behind him, but no one else wants this 3rd termer for Obama in the White House.
Focus this though in all the press on Donald Trump, and then the Bush strawmen along with Hamrod is marginalized to oblivion.

As long as Donald Trump is in, that means Bush is out and so is Hillary Clinton. That means hope for your candidates appearing if Mr. Trump falters or they appear in his cabinet progressing your pet agenda.

You want the focus on Donald Trump, as that keeps the focus off of you in what you are attempting.