Monday, July 13, 2015

Obama's Terror Conglomerates


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember Centurylink AKA Satanlink?

Do you remember how I cancelled service at the end of May?

Do you remember how they refused to disconnect my phone after terrorizing me in cutting service off?

Do you remember how they sent me a bill in June when the phone was disconnected?

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Yes, I received a bill from Centurylink for..........

Wait for it..........


So in review.........

I have no service from this Obama terror company.

I have no phone from this Obama terror corporation.

I have no dealings with this Obama terror conglomerate...........but they send me this bill for $1.32.

They even broke it down.

Service Additions and Changes  $1.06
Taxes, Fees & Surcharges          $ .26

Total Home Service                   $1.32

Apparently, in order to leave the Centurylink AKA SATANLINK family, it is like some Muslim thing in you have to buy your way out, as there is a fee, in disconnecting is a change in service.

No fear though, as the Obama regime taxes you on that too.

Centurylink AKA SATANLINK AKA Obamalink, literally charges people who are not customers for getting the hell out of Dodge or as I once heard a Texican say, BFE.

For those who do not know where BFE is, it is right up the Roberts Kennedy Supreme Court in Butt Fucking Egypt.

Yes after I cancelled service, I was still charged for long distance access changes, and taxed on it.

This is the same Obamalink terror organization who cost me literally 4 weeks of misery in putting me on hold, lying to me, terrorizing me and when all tallied up, ran up over 50 dollars in prepaid minutes on my emergency cell phone.
Never mind the terrorization of disconnecting my phone repeatedly, when if an emergency had arisen, I would not have been able to phone the police to "say something if I saw something".

So I just got off the phone with Centurylink again, and another one of their operators, Mexicans, billing personnel assured me this was the last bill...........yes for something which is not a service I had........and I was assured this would be written off, as they do this all the time...........

I will believe this when I never hear from this Obama terror conglomerate ever again. I know I am on a list to be terrorized and this is psyops. There is not any way in "we have never heard of this happening before" is going to fly, when this chit happens constantly with the Lame Cherry.
I simply know the next people I was calling were going to be the FCC, Public Utilities and the Better Business Bureau. If I hear from this Obama terror group again, I am going to obtain legal counsel and I am going to sue them for terrorizing me. If the richtards are too anal to donate in thinking they are not going to pay their bills, then those Homoland groups are going to be made to pay. There will be enough bad publicity in this to warn future customers off even if Centurylink thinks they can big Obama rough me up for that fag regime.

So as a reminder to all, do not ever become a Centurylink customer, as they are Obama terrorists in collecting data and retaliating on Americans. As you can witness, if you are a customer, they are going to terrorize you as along as they can to punish you.

I would not trust them on high speed low cost internet either. All they will do is rope people into that, destroy any other companies from starting up, and in that monopoly really terrorize Americans in another 5 years.

May the Lord Jesus avenge me, in this billing, paper and whatever from Centurylink be multiplied to cost them 100 billion fold more to bankrupt that Obama terror group, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.