Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cecil the Lion


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I get weary over idiots placing human names and human qualities on wild animals. The case in point is Cecil the male lion in Rhodesia. I can note that tens of thousands of white Rhodesians were driven off their farms and ranches by dictator Robert Mugabe whose destruction of Zimbabwe has been the murder of hundreds of thousands of black Africans, but what matters is a 13 year old lion named Cecil.

This quote is what caused this post:

"He never bothered anybody," said Johnny Rodrigues, the head of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. "He was one of the most beautiful animals to look at."

Ok, I do not know what a Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force is, but this group I know has nothing to do with CONSERVATION, but is about PRESERVATION, and they used animals to live in wonderful luxury, while destroying sound wildlife management which started in Kenya, and has led to the wholesale slaughter of wildlife in Africa......not due to huntings, but due to blacks there having all their ways of making a living aborted, so all they have left is killing animals that are killing them.

That is the crux of the asinine Johnny Rodrigues statement in "he never bothered anybody". What the hell do you think that male lion was doing for 13 years? Eating grass while laying down with the lambs?

Lions have big fangs and claws. Male lions either are killing bambi or bambi's mother, or Cecil was off bashing in the hunting lionesses off their kills, so the cubs are starved.........and if Cecil found other cubs fathered by another male lion, Cecil would crush them in his jaws murdering them, so he could then rape the females to impregnate them.

This Cecil lived 13 years. That is 676 weeks, and at two kills per week of large pretty animals, that is  1352 animals alone which have died so Cecil could live.........bothering all the other animals on the plains, as he made life hell on the females and the cubs.

Cecil was not a lion in his prime. Lions live 13 to 25 years in captivity. That means that Cecil would be driven off or killed by lions or hyenas in the next few years. The license fee for this lion hunt actually should be helping to manage and provide habitat for other animals.

As far as the "baiting" charge and poaching, the reality is that is how one hunts large predators in the use of baits. The taking of a Cecil's tracking collar, but the events were  reported and that should have ended it, but of course it did not, because there is more money to be made from dead Cecil by these frauds who care nothing about wildlife welfare.

Watching large predators threaten my pets, livestock and the wildlife I adore, makes me no fan of any large predator. I always side with the little fawn or the mother, who is eaten alive by a predator, and not focusing on some murderous animal that some wildlife exploiter has attached themselves to, to validate their little pecker sizes or their inability to have a healthy relationship with a person.

I am pleased that this male lion is dead. More of those male lions should be dead who are threatening the cubs. Those revenues could be used to manage wildlife in real conservation and not the wildlife exploitation of Robert Mugabe, one of thee worst crimes against humanity and nature leftist leaders of the world.

The death of innocents from aborticide to pedophilia to lions killing them is never bothersome to any of these inhumane ilk on the left.

Nuff said.