Thursday, July 30, 2015

Deserving Cecil


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Ignorance is what the scammers of the animal rights movement count on, and the world is full of morons who believe everything there is about animals, because these injured souls having been hurt by other people, hide in the fur and skin of animals in a fiction that all is lions laying down with lambs.

Here though is a reality of Cecil or as Homo Hannity calls him, Seesul the Lion.

1. Cecil was a welfare lion living in subsidized housing called a park where he was given special privileges over humans and other animals in his luxury image Obama in his multi million dollar Hawaii welfare estate.

2. Cecil was a welfare king. He fathered multiple cubs from multiple females, and only took his carnal pleasure, never looking out for what would happen to his family if he died. Some lions will team up in having two males guarding the pride, but Cecil was a welfare king in not sharing any of the advantages, and therefore endangered his welfare pride.

3. Cecil endangered the lion genetics. Cecil was a geezer lion, having old sperm and therefore fathering less than ideal cubs to carry on the pride.

4. Cecil was a dead beat dad. The fact is that Cecil was 13 years old. He no doubt was involved in fathering 5 sets of cubs from numerous females. Meaning Cecil probably fathered 10 to 20 sons. Those sons are nowhere around to protect the pride, because Cecil drove them off by tooth and fang.

5. Cecil was a welfare thug. Let us examine this in Cecil was lured off of his luxury estate, paid for by welfare subsidies in other animals dying, perhaps his own sons being shot on license, so Cecil could live on the fat of antelope fawns. When Cecil came off his estate, Cecil was trailing a bait. That bait as far as Cecil knew was the food of some leopard, lion or human and he fully meant to steal that food which would starve that person or animal to death. In fact, Cecil would have killed whoever had that bait in order to steal it. That is a welfare thug.

6. Cecil was a welfare fat cat.  Lions in the wild only live to 13 years to 25 years old. 13 being the age in the real wilds, as either hyenas pull an old cat down and eat him, or another male lion kills the old cat. Cecil got old, because when his females killed some baby animal, Cecil would show up, bite and claw the females away, and bash the cubs away. After Cecil was done devouring all his fat gut could hold, then the lionesses could eat their fill leaving just a few scraps for the starving cubs.

7. Cecil the gang member. Cecil lived on his posh estate. We know that lion hunting took place outside the park, meaning other lions were there. When Cecil found other lions not of his gang, Cecil would murder them.

8. Cecil the rapist. When Cecil took over his pride, it was not his pride, but another male lions pride. Cecil's second act in taking possessions of his harem was to rape the females.

9. Cecil the infanticidist. The first act which Cecil performed, is the first act the replacement for Cecil will perform, in Cecil when he took over the pride from another male who either Cecil brutalized in driving off, or killed him, was to murder every cub in that pride.

10. Cecil the liberal poster cat. You can witness in Cecil the Lion the exact perverted dogma of the liberal heart. Obama can make global war in murdering thousands of people in and out of the womb, have 93 million Americans in poverty while he and the Mrs. spend millions each week on new vacation, commit more crimes than Saddam Hussein against humanity from blackmailing gay John Roberts on the Supreme Court to littering the Texas border with Mexican raped and dead, and all there is, is defense and support of image Obama.
Cecil is the image of Obama, for Cecil murders other animals daily, beats up the wife and kids daily, does not care if his family starves to death, lives in a posh estate, murders other competitors at will, and in his last act on this planet, attempted a grand theft of trying to take food from others.

Yet Cecil is the one Jimmy the wimp Kimmel bawls over and people who are brainwashed are worried about, and not the animals eaten alive by Cecil or the hundreds of thousands of babies in the womb crushed to death for body parts by Planned Parenthood.

No one gives a damn that Robert Mugabe, dictator of Rhodesia, genocided an entire white race in driving them off, for a Cecil luxury park, but there is only furor over the extension of Mugabe, now protected by Obama in his own park like Cecil, in this welfare lion getting the first justice from a Minnesota dentist jabbing the death arrow into that murderous lions carcase.

As the dead cubs, dead lions, dead plains game, dead Africans and dead Rhodesians are not around to cheer the death of Cecil, it is hard to understand their pleasure that finally the balance was evened just a little bit, in Cecil got what he deserved like all welfare thugs.

The deserving Cecil lived like a king off of other's deaths. I state it again, Cecil got exactly what he deserved finally.

No tears though for Rhodesians murdered in Obama Mugabe Cecils's Zimbabwe though. You people should be ashamed of yourselves in you have no conception of what lives matter.

"There is the way the world ought to be, and then there is the way the world is."

Rhodesian Proverb

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