Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Cecil Terrorists


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog intends to shatter your delusions in those who claim to be Conservatives or right wing when it comes to this lion in Africa named Cecil, and those who chose the lions part over the human.

You are no different than the eco terrorists murdering people, the burkah bitches enabling the murder of Christians and no different than the baby butchers of Planned Parenthood, as all of these groups are all interconnected and funded, and this is what you are joined at the hip with.

Of course you are in denial now, of not being like them, but this is what your bawl baby Kimmel is about is Mia Farrow published this Minnesota Dentist,

You are a part of PETA calling for the extradition of this innocent man, so he will be hung and murdered over a damned lion.

You are part of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources demanding that Walter Palmer contact them.
What the living hell does the DNR of Minnesota have to do with this, but being a fag appendage of that moron Mark Dayton, as this was a legal hunt IN AFRICA and is under the jurisdiction of Zimbabwe and the United States Fish and Service............the same murderous group growing wolves to eat Americans and their pets.....another thing you highly moral fornicators with the left are supporting.

This is eco terrorism, and if anything happens to Walter Palmer, each of you is guilty and in the revolution will answer for these crimes, with your necks in a noose.

Walter Palmer, already has had his business destroyed. He has Minnesota nuts stalking and harassing him, and his family. This IS TERRORISM. This IS the exactly what the Islamic State is, and what each of you terrorists are. So stop the farce of pretending you are American, as you have nothing in common with the Founders in George Washington fox hunting, Theodore Roosevelt big game hunting or Ronald Reagan shooting for sport. What YOU DID, is ruin Walter Palmer in the same damned way that those sodomites closed down bakeries who would not bake a sodom cake for those disgusting unions.

You are responsible, every disgusting one of you. You joined with the traitors and that is your permanent Benedict Arnold record.

You people are the perverts of sodom and may the Judgment of God rain down on every mother's son of you and every father's daughter. You worship the created and not the Creator, you love the soulless and hate the man created in the image of God.

Get this point, I do not want you on this blog, as you are filth. You are freeloaders and intellectual thieves. You are the Pansy Patriot and the reason America is a shit hole as you are a gut track of turds.

Teddy Roosevelt killed a wagon load of lions and was praised for it!

You will answer for this by God in the next life and you will answer in this life in the revolution.



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