Saturday, July 25, 2015

Donald Trump is already in the 3rd Party


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The elite have been posting Mockingbird propaganda trying to scare voters from trusting Donald Trump, in stating he would run as a 3rd Party candidate. Donald Trump never brought up a 3rd Party run, but was asked about it, so the press could start this story spin.

The press of the cartel banks on your ignorance, as most of you do not have a complete history in American politics in 3rd parties.
Rush Limbaugh was asking, without an answer, about 3rd party successes in America for the Presidency. All of the focus is deliberately on Ross Perot, John Anderson and George Wallace. Names which most of you have no idea of the era or time, and simply revert back to Theodore Roosevelt in the Bull Moose Party of progressives.

Donald Trump has a great deal in common with Theodore Roosevelt. Both were New Yorkers, self made men, and both were despised by the Republican establishment.

It gets old though to see all the advice handed out to Donald Trump in what he should do. Most is from ignorant dolts stating the obvious and some like this blog actually is sound political strategy, but the one key issue is Let Trump be Trump, in another Republican which Mr.  Trump has a great deal in common with in former Democrat, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

For those ignorant of history, there was not always a Republican party from the foundation of America. The original Federal Right Wing party was the Federalists, who were destroyed by Thomas Jefferson's Republican Democrats.
From this came the establishment Whig party which fielded basically the John Boehner type of leaders in getting along, being English centered and implementing nothing of George Washington's expansionist ideals for America.
This left the Democrats with not any reason to field anything progressive, and it culminated with Andrew Jackson, a Democrat who was basically a king in America.

Into this dynamic of the Whigs being worthless and Democrats splitting along State Rights and Fringe Rights, there arose a 3rd Party or the Grand Old Party, who fielded a candidate in explorer, veteran, adventurer, nation builder and the liberator of California from the Mexican Empire in John C. Fremont.

John Fremont, married to Jessie Benton, who was the daughter of the most powerful Democratic Senator in America, was the first Republican 3rd Party nominee. He lost the election, but the GOP as a 3rd party rose in the faction of States Rights and European instigated Abolition, to promote another westerner named Abraham Lincoln, over the eastern establishment candidates.
The 1860 election was one of a Democrat party split and this is what brought the 3rd Party Republicans to national power for the first time.

So for those in the propaganda press who state that a 3rd Party is not successful. The fact is a 3rd Party produced the greatest success America ever witnessed in politics. The GOP 3rd Party produced Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Literally, the most successful and noteworthy leaders in American and world history.

I have my doubts that Donald Trump would run as a 3rd Party candidate, as he has no reason to. He is easily wiping the establishment Republicans from the field and if his momentum holds, he is going to win the nomination for the Republican Party, and his numbers are trending that he will easily defeat any candidate the democrats field from Hillary Clinton or her replacement.
Donald Trump is taking a huge chunk of the Latino vote already. He is going to take the union local vote too in numbers. Those are democratic bases, and if Donald Trump can put forward a female Vice President into this field, he is going to glean that margin too.  That spells a landslide.

For the reality in this, Donald Trump is the 3rd Party candidate inside the Republican Party, in exact political image of outsider Abraham Lincoln, outsider Theodore Roosevelt, outsider Richard Nixon and outsider Ronald Reagan. That is the way the GOP does it. The base overthrows the elitists from within and then installs the American leader again, and the country votes this candidate to victory.

I place these posts before you, for the reason of talking points. Most of you have no idea how to respond to the Mockingbird press which is well funded and has the best mind twisters in the world employed by it. The Lame Cherry provides you the history, the understanding and the reasoning to reply to the nonsense propaganda of the elite.

Donald Trump is in good company with these other Republican 3rd Party outsiders. The GOP always has a problem with the old Whigs of the metropolitan areas seizing power, becoming rich and lazy, and ruining America for the feudal corporate few. It is about the necessity of time for a Donald Trump type candidate to overthrow the GOP again for an American victory.

Without Donald Trump, the GOP will cease to exist like the Whig party became extinct politically, and only rises to supplant the true and native political will. Donald Trump is the only Republican who can gain votes from the Democratic base in Hispanics, Women and Union voters. That is the political reality.
For a political reality, it is in the interest of the GOP and DNC to keep Donald Trump in the Republican Party, because if he does break away, he is going to gut both political parties and a new party will form around him as it did Abraham Lincoln for a generation of political domination.

The Republican Party is the 3rd Party and Donald Trump already left the Democratic party like Ronald Reagan to be the winning Presidential candidate.

Now let us get back to the business of ousting Jeb Bush and all of the other ilk from the GOP primaries, and then let us stop Mrs. Clinton, if her party is not successful in the coup being generated against that crusty olde lezbo.

Nuff said