Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump Sense


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After being burned by ever political candidate since Ronald Reagan, the Lame Cherry is contemplative about Donald Trump, especially when it is a non stop barrage of convoluted idiocy which Jeff Rense had posted on a link on his site in an almost entire book of mumbo jumbo which was designed as all things are to get Donald Trump wrong in the American people's minds.

What I am about to explain is not an attack on Donald Trump nor a Lame Cherry seal of approval. What this is, is an assessment of Donald Trump in who he is Presidentially.

What I conclude of Mr. Trump is he is an evolutionary candidate. The GOP was overthrown by another evolutionary candidate named Ronald Reagan, who was a Democrat, union man, and FDR advocate, named after Woodrow Wilson. Donald Trump was a democrat, an independent and then a Republican, as he evolves on issues.
From what Mr. Trump has stated, he reminds me a great deal of a Progressive Republican much like Theodore Roosevelt, and the reality is, like President Roosevelt, the establishment GOP was intent on destroying Teddy Roosevelt too, and named this New Yorker "that damned cowboy".

Donald Trump is in numbers of ways politically on the issues, more right wing than most of the candidates. I do not make excuses for his backing an assault weapon's  ban while carrying a gun, because Ronald Reagan carried a gun while backing those idiotic Brady Bill infringements on Americans.
What I am stating is, at the base of Donald Trump, he politically is like Ronald Reagan on that political journey, and he is in many ways a Progressive Republican, in both seeing the need for unions in getting jobs back in America, and for penalizing corporations for taking jobs out of America.

I am going to place here a quote from a Politico story on Donald Trump's top headhunter, in Corey Lewandowski. Mr. Lewandowski and Mr. Trump were the two Americans in politics who had been branded pariahs, and both found each other, and it is a match which is astutely being successful.
The reason I post the quote is to take apart the quote and expose that at the heart of Mr. Trump, he is beating Ronald Reagan, to the extent that he loathes all of the "obama yes boehners" who have betrayed America, as Corey Lewandowski does.

The Trump campaign and Lewandowski declined to comment for this story. “Only one guy on the campaign that matters!” texted a spokeswoman.
“He certainly wouldn’t be supporting Donald Trump if he didn’t believe in him,” said Jerry DeLemus, a Republican activist in New Hampshire best known for his support of rogue Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who officially became a Trump supporter over the weekend and called Lewandowski a “really decent man.”
The grandson of a union printer, Lewandowski grew up poor in the 1980s in the hardscrabble mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts, playing pond hockey in the winters and going on to graduate from the city’s branch of the University of Massachusetts.

Drawn to Ronald Reagan’s unabashed work-hard, get-rich version of the American dream, Lewandowski became an active Republican and moved to Washington after graduating. There, he worked on Capitol Hill while earning a master’s degree in political science at American University.
Lewandowski worked briefly for the RNC in 2001, as the legislative political director for the Northeast, before leaving the establishment behind.
His rift with “the country club Republicans,” as he’s known to call them, can be traced to another presidential campaign that ticked off the party.
The above is the heart and soul of the Trump campaign. For a close assimiliation, Corey Lewandowski is one of the Tea Party Patriots. He has been screwed over by the Boehnerites as everyone has. He understands what each of us has gone through.
The result in this is that Donald Trump has chosen a political mastermind who is just like you who love America and believe that Ronald Reagan was the answer to the American Dream.
I desire each of you to have a memory alpha moment, as most of you have forgotten. Ronald Reagan was not just the Moral Majority which Bill Casey helped found, along with other intelligence backed groups for a political victory of Americans, but Ronald Reagan gained the support of unions, NFL great Rosie Greer who was a black American, and an entire wing of the Democratic Party who became Reagan Democrats.
For those who forget this fact, the South before Ronald  Reagan was the Solid South. It voted for Jimmy Carter as it did for democrats, but Ronald Reagan transformed it to a Republican voting block.
Ronald Reagan brought in both the right and left to his Big Tent, without sodomizing it, or telling any group to shut up and go away or mocking them, as is what is currently the Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, Obama Third Termers agenda.
The democrats boo Gov. Mallory of Maryland for saying "every life matters" and the democrats frown at a Jim Webb voicing the old Reagan Democrat beliefs.
The Conservatives have the same problem in being eviscerated by John Boehnerites in Congress and Jeb Bush bitch slapping all of you as he cuddles up to the Obama few. 

Donald Trump has as his campaign manager, someone who loathes the GOP elite, and is a Reagan disciple. This political philosophy along with what Donald Trump has stated is something which you can believe in, as Corey Lewandowski wants to give the entire GOP leadership the business end of the Trump stick, in every which way but lose.

I believe Donald Trump is serious as I believe Corey Lewandowski is serious. I know Poles from experience to fully understand they are intelligent and if they set their minds to something, it is something they will not change from.
If Corey Lewandowski, who knows completely that this campaign is about Donald Trump and not Corey Lewandowski, believes in Donald Trump, then I do too.

I leave this with II Kings 9:20, and suggest each of you read the entire chapter. God may have heard your heart's groanings.

And the watchman told, saying, He came even unto them, and cometh not again: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously.

I have informed all of you that America needs a strongman. If history is repeating in the son of Nimshi, all of need to pray for his success, for all of our Faithful lives sakes.