Sunday, July 26, 2015

Donald the Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The thing about Donald Trump is that most GOP candidates when they announce, they surge, and then someone else announces, and they surge, and no one remembers who the former Bush was.

Like Donald Trump announces, they try to crucify him like Christ, and John Kasich announces, and Donald Trump keeps gaining momentum.

The FOX for Obama Murdoch polling was interesting last week, in that the figures were celebrated by all the Trump supporters, but it is what FOX did not poll that was really interesting.

The numbers were

Trump 24

Walker 13

Bush 12

Huckabee, Rubio, Carson, Paul, Cruz, Perry, Christie, Jindahl, Kasich, Pataki, Santorum do not matter.

You will remember that William Krystol decided at the Weekly Standard that he was through with Trump after that righting of John McCain traitor history and put forward the big drama of Jeb Bush saying Scott Walker was wrong after Scott Walker said he was right..........and no one cared, well a few people cared, as Bush and Walker lost more support and Donald Trump gained more support.
I conclude that if William Krystol keeps this up in ignoring Donald Trump and featuring Jebpanzee that Donald Trump will have 100% of the vote by 2016.

I want to run the numbers in you have forgotten when Jeb was being promoted non stop, that the polls all set up Bush Walker, Bush Rubio, Bush against cabbages, Bush against know Bush was the hot stuff out the elephants rear.

Did you happen to notice in FOX, that there was not a Trump Bush poll being featured? Oh do not think that question was not asked my children and my brats, because it was. The problem is, which is obvious in it never being mentioned that Donald Trump had overwhelming numbers.

Jeb Bush was the 25 point man, as this blog pointed out long ago. I mean by this, he has a 25 point ceiling which he never can break out of. There is always 75% of the voters who hate this guy. The problem in all of this is that 25 number was where everything was in all the polling, but with Donald Trump in the race, Jeb Bush is now tanking in a free fall at 12 points. 12 points gets you nothing in a race among 6 point Rubios and Perry's as they team up and form 12 points to kick your Bush back to the brush pile.

Run the numbers of the candidates, as you know all will drop out sooner than later. Start it as Trump 24, Walker 13, Bush 12.

Remove Huckabee in 8 percent. Those are Christians, not Vatican voters.......meaning those Evangelicals will probably split in Trump 26, Walker 17 and Bush 13.

Remove Rubio, and it probably splits even in Trump 28, Walker 19, Bush 15.

Remove Carson, and the split goes Trump 31, Walker 22 and Bush 15.

Remove Paul, and the split goes Trump 36, Walker 21 and Bush 15.

You are noting the trend in this that people who are already leaning toward candidates who are not Jeb Bush, are not ever coming back to that Obama worshiping common core border buster lover.

Remove Cruz, and Donald Trumps best friend, gains probably those 4 points in Trump 40%, Walker 21% and Bush 15%.

Remove Perry and it goes Trump 41, Walker 24 and Bush 15.

Remove Christie at 3% and it goes Trump 47%, Walker 22% and Bush 10%. Note that after Perry, Cruz and Christie are gone, the billionaire fag blip donors are going to start abandoning Jebpanzee Bush in openly working a deal with Donald Trump.

Remove Jindahl, Kasich, Pataki and Santorum, at their 6 points and none of the go to Jeb Bush, but he erodes more, so it is Trump 52%, Walker 27% and Bush 12%.

Now return to the non published FOX for Obama poll, and remove Walker at 27%, and suddenly the numbers are Donald Trump at 79% and Jeb Bush  at 21%. That sort of information getting out, sort of is a political DOA for Jeb Bush, and the entire field abandons Jebpanzee and the only person he has voting for him are the geezer parents and the Mexican midge he is married to.

It is a reality that Donald Trump has to keep a mounting slow burn of passion for him, as did Ronald Reagan. That comes with loyalty and Donald Trump is proving a man who does not want people not as rich as him donating, and he does not want the GOP fag billionaires donating in trying to buy him.
He is as the said, that he never asked God for forgiveness because he tries to do what is right all the time, and therefore is not asking God to forgive.
The Presidency is not about electing a pope or installing a messiah, as Americans have found out much to their demise, it is about backing someone who will keep their word to them, do what is right for Americans and not spend money like a brothel of 10,000 crack whores from Kenya.

In reality, Ted Cruz, no matter for his glitz posters in comments, has not caught on and will not catch on, even by trying to ride Donald Trump's numbers. There are four people in this race who have numbers. Jeb Bush has the fag feudalist vote. Scott Walker has the give us the governance vote. Rand Paul has the libertarian vote and John Kasich has a fall out voting block as he is Presidential, knows economics and is tough enough for the job.
Rand Paul is vulnerable in not being the candidate his old man was in persona. Scott Walker is vulnerable in not being tough enough. Jeb Bush is the poodle that everyone wants sniffing the other rich peoples asses, but the moment the dog no longer makes you look good, it is getting the vet shot and in the dumpster.

I tell people what I think here and do not hide things. I backed Scott Walker when he was the best candidate at neutralizing Obama's 3rd term in Jeb Bush. Walker has betrayed America in Obamatrade, and he just looks like what he is, and RV driver who ran out of gas.
I like John Kasich as he has not misstepped. He was trustworthy on the budget and is Presidential. I would have backed him in ignorance if he was not having the life sucked out of him by the Trump political inhale, as Kasich is Walker with muscle. Kasich though is stealth democrat in reality, akin to  Jeb Bush's Obama on Obama,  in he is the democrat in the GOP race.

The fact is the first round has gone to Donald Trump. The elites of the GOP who have decided how all of you should vote and elect, have had their little pissy fit, and Donald Trump is the Presidential candidate who has withstood the worst political poison attempts and has gained ground.
In the real world, Donald Trump has proven himself as the person who can deal with the Vladimir Putins in this world. That is what being President is, not have Nancy Pelosi do all the Obama work for you as you golf, but bringing to bay enough of both parties to get things done and showing the leaders of the world that you do not apologize or blink.

If you do not know this, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have both informed every GOP congress person to not utter a word in favor of Donald Trump or they will be destroyed. Donald Trump has been going directly to the Governors and state representatives, bi passing the GOP prima dona heads who accomplish nothing. There are those in Congress who support Donald Trump, but are waiting for the time that his revolution is secure enough for them to gain Congress.

Donald Trump, if he is the man of destiny, will have his moment as Ronald Reagan did, and then he will cement in the public's mind as President.

Those are the polling numbers which matter and are not released, and all the elite are aware of them.