Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Obama Persecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not since Alexander Kerensky, escaped with his life on October 25th, 1917 AD in the year of our Lord, from the Bolsheviks of Russia, has there been such a persecution of patriots by the Obama Corp of the globalist cartel in thee most corrupt persecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

In the Obama regime, there have been nothing but insane court findings, from the wacko ruling against Orly Taitz concerning Obama's birth certificate, the railroading of Rod Blagojevich when Eric Holder arrested him for not selling a Senate seat to the Obama regime, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin being imprisoned for honorably questioning orders issued by the illegitimate Barack Hussein Obama, Lawrence Sinclair in the gulag harassment he suffered through, Anthony Kennedy fagging out to cover John Robert's gay ass on the Supreme Court, while John Roberts covers image Obama's gay ass on rationed death from Obamacrypt.

But this one tops the flaming cherry, in there is this out of control Bush appointed judge in Arizona, named G. Murray Snow. As you can see from the photo above, he is.........he reminds one of that fag lips wine drinker from San Francisco getting all pissy against Donald Trump in wanting to exclude Mr. Trump from the GOP debates.
In any loose lips and how they got that way not blowing a saxophone, there is G. Murray, who appears as a tool of the Obama regime, going after Sheriff Joe over his county's enforcement against invasion by foreigners.

This gets complicated, but the simple version is, Sheriff Joe was being persecuted by Obama  Holder, and tool G. Murray appeared to harass the Sheriff for rounding up illegals, because  they were hispanics. (Again what kind of fool sheriff or deputies would not be looking for Mexicans if Mexicans are the illegals appearing on the border? What are they supposed to do, look for Russians?)

So that is the case, and in the meantime, Sheriff Joe has his own investigation against G. Murray Snow, as a witness informant told the sheriff's office this gem:

The witness explained to Arpaio that she was a childhood friend of the judge’s wife.
Mrs. Snow, Grissom said, “told me that her husband hates u and will do anything to get u out of office.”

This began with Sheriff Joe, filing suit against the Obama regime to force it to enforce Constitutional Laws in protecting the border. To this we had G. Murray sending in a goon squad of political spies, yes literal political minders, like the KGB in Russia to monitor the Sheriff's office.

As this degraded to a persecution of the only Sheriff upholding American Laws, we have this literal interference, in evidence, of an informant, stating that the wife of the Judge is out to politically assassinate Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

For the record, when a Sheriff is investigating the Judge in a case for criminal misconduct, which there is evidence, that judge, in this case, G. Murray Snow, is mandated to recuse himself or herself from the case. There just can not be a Judge ruling against a defendant who is investigating that Judge without extreme prejudice.

All of this is pure corruption in a KGB court out of control in collusion with the Obama regime, as filthy as the various courts who have been persecuting Americans across the country since 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

There must be an Independent Federal investigation into this, a Congressional investigation and this entire case handed over to a trustworthy Judge, perhaps the Federal Justice in Chicago who would not allow the Obama regime railroad the Hutatree innocents into the gulag.

This is beyond corruption. It makes Watergate tame, as this Obama regime has tainted by blackmail and only the devil knows  what, not just the Executive, but the Congressional and the Judicial process in America.

G. Murray Snow should be impeached, brought up on charges of collusion, and held for trial in a military court, if one could be found as these are all high crimes against the People of these United  States.
The greatest Law Enforcement Officer in America, has just been made a political prisoner in the Obama American Gulag.