Thursday, July 9, 2015

Economic Wormwood


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I write this suffering from a take my breath away back spasm. It is a world where everything the butterfly does creates a cyclone somewhere.

In the global financial wormwood, there are absolutes which must be realized.

Absolute 1: No meltdown occurs, unless the cartel deflates that market.

Absolute 2: The nations being collapsed and trimmed are for a reason.

Absolute 3: The nations not in turmoil are the havens of the elite.

Absolute 4: Only one leader has escaped the reality and that was Vladimir Putin.

China has had 30 percent of it's stock wealth evaporated. There is a reason for this, and a projected reality that the cartel will not allow Peking to self generate wealth, by internal consumer purchases.

Remember the lesson of the Obama Super Collapse of 2008 which installed him. Iceland began it as a test field, and Iceland has now become prosperous. The focus of Greek debt points to a reality, that the cartel might have the ponies who seem like losers, become the winners.

What is the field of dreams in this? France is speaking of removing itself from the EU, as is the Netherlands. Germany is poised to become a vassal nation in the control of other nations in the political underbelly of Europe.
Learn the lesson of the Pater Pope. He put Merkel in charge......he put the Italian president in charge. Will a Greco Roman axis arise using Germany industry and finance.....exactly as America was initiated to become a tool of this new empire of Europe.

What has image Obama been dictating? There is rationed death. There is sodomy. There is Persian Islamocommunist nukes. There is the Mexican invasion of America. Not very popular venues for someone in vogue of a legacy.
How does one loot an American nation and enslave an American people, without providing some person to blame as you lumbered off with trillions.

Who will be blamed, but that which is leaving the halls of power......and who is it who will be installed in already having been chosen for 2016 in America?

You will witness the realities unfolding by design in the days, weeks and years ahead. My children and my brats, this was laid in the foundations over a century ago, and the finer points of this what you are now sitting in anticipation of were worked out a decade ago. Ten years ago, this was already known in a future constructed, and all that is necessary is for you to be herded into it.

The 1930's and 1940's were the original white paper for what will be the 21st century programme. You must understand that weakness makes the few rule, and it is a reality that nations must have inner turmoil, aka civil wars in order to pin them down, so that wars of annexation will set empire borders.

You must understand that Obama's illegals, are not illegals, but are Obama's 5th column. These are violent criminals who are by design militant terrorists. These Obama sanctuary cities, are the fire bases for a cancerous disease, to genocide a nation. This is not America alone. This is Paris, London, Oslo, Berlin all having the same militant imports preying upon the native populations.

There is not enough "normal investment" money in Wall Street. When wires trip there, it is by design, in the cartel is divesting savings of their value. Stocks fall and dividends drop, and the conglomerates do not have pay you for using your money.

Seriously in this, this economic wormwood will make more money for the elite, but not that money is the issue or focus, but it is about impoverishing the mob. It is about nation acquisition and the order out of chaos.

You must understand that the 1929 crash, the Carter crash, the Dotcom bust, the 2008 Obama bust, all were calmly carried out, while the world was spun into confusion. This economic wormwood will be carried out the same way.

"You are the woman in travail, and from your body will be pulled a feudal bastard which will market you as a whore, just before you hand your soul over to it."

- Lame Cherry