Monday, July 20, 2015

Everyone Loves Bush Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have this sort of mapped out for Jeb Bush AKA Jebpanzee Bush as our zoo pet is known here at the blog. What I am driving at is, this...........

Have you noticed how Donald Trump has sucked up all the media space and the rest of the GOP is like a vanishing act in a poor magic show? Sure you have.....and so has Jeb Bush.

So Jeb Bush weighed in desperately to the McCain and Trump dust up, in coming up with this original slogan of, "Can we just refrain from slandering each other".

Thing in this is Donald Trump did not slander any one, including John McCain. McCain is not a war hero. McCain is a collaborator with enemies of America. It was John McCain who called Americans "crazies".....that would be the people who had their children raped and murdered by border buster illegals are crazies, Veterans are crazies, Christians are know people like you.

Jeb Bush though did not have a problem with that. Jeb would not have a problem with any of this Trump talk if it was making Donald go down in the polls...........problem is, Donald Trump, the more he talks, the higher his polling goes.
Exact opposite of Hillary Hamrod Clinton. More she talks, the more people remember they do not want a married lesbian in the White House, with a dirty old Bill stalking the interns again.

This comes back to Donald Trump, sucking the life out of all of the other campaigns by his magnanimous persona. He is like Elvis showing up at and no one caring Frank Sinatra was there.

That is the problem for Jeb Bush, in he is the ring girl in the McCain Trump fight. Problem is he does not wear a bikini well, as no one wants to see him carrying that big score card around to see which round it is. So all Jeb is left with is....ME TOO, PLEASE WILL SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!

In that, I believe I have lit upon something to help Jeb Bush. His logo was featured here. You know what it looks like in that gay Pepsi thing with the exclamation point! That is the problem in all of this isn Jeb just has one exclamation point. Jeb needs like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this any exclamation points to help get him Jeb just looks pansy.
Have you noticed all the photos of the Jebster as of late. Sister he looks like an old pervert who got caught flashing his naughty bits at the kiddies. This guy looks shell shocked. One haymaker from Donald Trump and this lightweight is on the mat.
If George W. Bush was billed as Bush Lite to the old man. Then Jeb Bush has to be the weed growing in your sidewalk next to your nice lilac bush.

Jeb probably would help matters if he had some attractive children to pimp, or like Hillary Clinton had that leggy Huma walking around making her look lezbo important. Problem is Jeb ends up in Uber taxies.....I mean who in their right mind who is a millionaire calls up a guy with tattoos, no background checks, and hitches a ride with him?
That just looks pathetic. I have no idea what campaign strategist thought that was a bright idea to meld with the common the common masses just look at it like, "What the Dexter are you doing there Jeb?"

Speaking of which, Jeb Bush tried to look manly. Yes you missed that too, in Jeb was too afraid to take on Donald Trump after trying to 3rd world gang mob attack him with Rubio and the Mormon Romney. So Jeb picks a fight with Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
The story was Walker said he would get rid of the Obama Iran nuke deal the image came up with, and would bomb Iran. Jeb weighed in and said that was inexperienced, as he would wait around and then see what would happen.
As a little wait and see moment'd that waiting around to see what armed Muslims turn out for your brother George on 9 11 turn out?

Jeb Bush just is weak as water, to quote a Biblical maxim. Then again you will not hear Jeb Bush taking on Obama in now implementing a "can you balance your checkbook test" in if you can own a firearm or not.

Oh you missed that too........

The ban, they argue, would keep guns out of the hands of some dangerous people, but would also include people who simply have a bad memory or have a hard time balancing a checkbook.

I guess Jeb missed that one too. Probably his bad memory, and as a geezer in waiting, he probably will not have a gun either.............does Jeb Bush even own a firearm, has he ever touched a firearm............does he even have a magic six shooter to impress the Mrs. with from Mexico?

Yes Jeb Bush is still the chooseling of the elite even if he has vanished like all the other GOP wanna bes. I know you have not missed him not being around, but all the same, we all have to help the losers in this world by giving them help, especially the poltards who keep finding ways to look irrelevant and part of a bad magic show.

Jeb Bush needs exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Trump does not........he just shows up and everyone gets excited.