Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That Kinder and Gentler Thing

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This begins with a question.

Is there a difference between Michael Reagan and Ron Reagan jr.?

To save you a brain sprain, the answer is yes, in one is Christian Conservative and the other is Secular Socialist.

I state this as the fact, that just as people slovenly type all Christians into one mode, all Jews into one mode, blacks into one mode and Asians into one mode, and Bush boys into one mode, there is a difference, and a vast difference between a Christian George W. Bush and a Catholic Jeb Bush. One is a rugged individual like Ronald Reagan and the other is a collective organizer like Barack Hussein Obama.

This is important to assess, analyze and understand, because this all harkens back to the reality of why Nancy Reagan never had George and Barbara Bush to the family quarters at the White House, and why Mrs. Reagan bristled at George H. W. Bush's 1988 AD in the year of our Lord, Republican acceptance speech for President, when he used the phrase, "kinder and gentler", and Mrs. Reagan inquired, "Kinder and gentler than who?"

Place yourself for a moment in the place of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.  The introduction of patrician HW Bush in the 1980 Presidential campaign, brought out the attack from HW against Ronald Reagan's economic plan, which is based on Milton Friedman economics, that it was "Voodoo Economics".
The left had a field day bashing Ronald Reagan over this, and used it as a weapon against Ronald Reagan as he cut taxes on all Americans, cut government spending and started the greatest economic expansion in American history. An expansion, which was strangled by the George H. W. Bush 'no new taxes' taxes with democrat George Mitchell of the Senate and the Bill Clinton retroactive taxes sent the US economy into a recession which George W. Bush inherited along with the 9 11 terror war.

Ronald Reagan has been vindicated in his policies for America and the world. The reality is that the son of HW Bush, literally chose to emulate Ronald Reagan in governing, and not his father, and George W. Bush had a sound economy, in spite of what the cartel attempted in that 9 11 economic Pearl Harbor in a global depression.
America had real economic prosperity and growth under George W. Bush's Reaganomics, and now the world witnesses under the Obama regime what a Super Depression is and not the fictional charges of George Soros liberals.

That is what is your experience now, and considering all the Reagan's suffered and endured, how would you like the man you handed the White House over to, to come out and tell the world that his administration was going to be "kinder and gentler"......meaning Ronald Reagan was cruel and rough to people, which it never was.
This is why Nancy Reagan was perturbed over that speech, as it reflected all of the patrician snobbery of George and Barbara Bush, in having absolutely no gratitude for the Reagan's in creating a future for them, and giving no credit to the greatest President of the 20th century in Ronald Wilson Reagan.

All of this now comes to a future of what if Jeb Bush is in the White House, the same White House that Nancy Reagan did not want the Bush's in.

Jeb Bush has two mentors, his grandfather Prescott Bush, the liberal patrician Senator from the east coast, who was a bag man for the European American cartel, who is Rockefeller liberal and a feudalist in taking over Texas independent oil, and his father, George H. W. Bush, who is a patrician liberal, who will tell the world on the right anything he chooses to make them sedate, so he can rule in the patrician feudal way.

Jeb Bush managed Florida as governor in his father's image. He told the public he was right wing, and implemented many right wing features as it kept him in office, but when Terri Schaivo was being murdered in being dehydrated to death, Jeb Bush did absolutely nothing but grandstanding in allowing her murder.
Jeb Bush is the person who told the world we all had to be more like Obama in 2008. Jeb Bush is the person who said the era of Ronald Reagan was over. Jeb Bush is for managed enslavement of foreigners being imported for exploitation, and for Common Core stupefying of what is left of the mind warped American children to degrade them for elite rule.

Jeb Bush is a product of the George H. W. Bush kinder and gentler. This is the kinder and gentler who increased spending in government, raised taxes, lowered savings earnings to rob Americans, increased inflation for money supply, and destroyed defense sector jobs in his peace dividend which effectively wiped out a right wing voting block to keep America Conservative.
None of the destruction of Conservatives from George Allen of Virginia to Larry Craig of Idaho, happened under the assaults of democrats, but was a direct manifestation of the Bush family to wipe out every contender to the Jeb Bush position to be in the White House. The Strawmen of John McCain and Mitt Romney, with the election theivery of Barack Hussein Obama were all totally or partly this "kinder and gentler" Bush group of patricians.
Do not be mistaken in this, that blood is thicker than water, because the very whispering campaign and sabotage of George W. Bush's Administration came from the Brent Scowcroft and James Baker political assassins.
Colin Powell, now the confederate of Birther Hussein Obama, with Dick Armitage was part of the Rockefeller branch of the cartel coup against George W. Bush. It all began with the talking to reporters to start Plamegate and the infamous racist anti semetic unAmerican attacks on Vice President Richard Cheney, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle, in which Powell often called this group of Patriots, the Pentagon Nazis.

Jeb Bush is part of a group, which was politically raping Sarah Palin to remove her as a contender, and when the cartel turned the tables on the Bush patricians in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Sarah Palin would be next and blamed on them, just as Ronald Reagan was shot by a tool who was a Bush family compatriot with ties to the mullahs of Iran, in order to place the blame on HW Bush.

One must understand, the Bush family is connected. They are lower escheleon, but time and again they appear out of the loop and unaware of the real powers that be, that Barack Hussein Obama mentioned.
All of the trouble in Iraq was from the cartel in retaliation for George W. Bush taking away the cash flow of Saddam Hussein to this group.

Jeb Bush has revealed he is part of a patrician feudal group, who has no qualms about playing politics which Richard Nixon was not even accused of. Much of the dirty tricks exposing Hillary Clinton in softening her up, is from the Jeb group, as much as the inclusion of James Webb into the race.........as much as the everything coming out from under a rock to run in the GOP primaries, because Jeb Bush has an unspoken 25% level in the national voting block and a 15% voting block in the GOP among Republicans. He can not win in an open race.

Again as one understands the workings of Jeb Bush, one realizes how Nancy Reagan was correct. The prototype of HW Bush is in place to be in the White House. Jeb Bush is every bit offspring of his father and grandfather, every bit as anti Evangelical and Right Wing, and every bit as ignorant of the cartel being the real hand which rocks the cradle, which removed HW in a Lawrence Walsh coup and gave W an Iraqi coup.

Jeb Bush is not good for America, nor is Jeb Bush the type of leader which America requires after being buried in the Obama Abyss.
In full disclosure, it is this blog's intent to resist this Jeb Obama, to hopefully derail him to weakening him enough, that someone else better will rise to the top, and defeat Hillary Clinton with a truly American coalition as Ronald Reagan put together and as brother George W. Bush did.

Nuff said