Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Free Spades

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I used to play a great deal of online Spades and Euchre long ago. I enjoy Spades, because you take tricks instead of like Microsoft Hearts which teaches all of you to be losers and cower from being aggressive. Hearts is for snakes in the grass sniping at others.

I have mentioned previously the site ARCHIVE.ORG and how much I enjoy it. It has all sorts of free things and I get numbers of e books there which are good, but computer generated, so they have glitches in them. I have searched for years for a free Spades game to no avail. Either they are spyware or crapware.

The following is what I would call Smartassware from a Larry Seyer who likes insulting people in pathetic ways in the game, but this Spades version for DOS does work. Just unzip the file and click the program and you are told how to play the game.

So for a Spades game which has nothing in it but the game and it is really free, this is the small program for you. I have tested it, and it is a difficult game to play in nothing is given to you in tricks.


Nuff said