Tuesday, July 7, 2015

German Warning

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I believe that it is not going to go well for the German people in Europe in a coming time. For those who celebrate this reality, simply remember that this reality is not going to drop from the sky, but cross and smash your borders again.

My reading is in Nahum the Prophet of God. That is what I was directed to, and it is a Judgment on the Assyrians who are the progenitors of the modern German of Europe.

The Assyrians were the first regional empire. They are successful at military campaigns, and some of the most barbaric peoples in history. For a reality, Germans when the conquered the Israelite northern Kingdom, which are the modern Americans, British, Lowland peoples, northern French and Scandinavians, they smashed babies in the streets, they ripped pregnant women open cutting out their children, the crucified Anglo Americans, and they skinned them alive.
For all of the propaganda about Hitler and the Nazis, the Nazis were sedate compared to what the human spirit can become when unleashed without curbs.

Nahum Prophesied against Assyria, in the great city of Nineveh. The old Germans accumulated vast stores of wealth in all the peoples they looted and plundered. The entire nation was worked by slaves. The best of the world, became servants of Assyria, and all commerce went through that region.

I have a Tyndale Bible called The Book, which I am really enjoying reading, as it is without the King James prose, but tells the story perfectly. There are informative references of the defeat of the Assyrian Empire.
The Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar minutely recorded in detail and one can infer the rest through deduction.

Babylon fielded against the stationary battlement of Ninevah, two primary hosts. The Charioteers armed with speers as tanks, and the Cavalry armed with swords.

The flood gates were opened at Ninevah and it appears that this dike was how the Babylonians entered the city defenses. There is a later reference to bricks being made in haste, so there was some type of seige works involved which were breaking holes in the capital city too.

Once the breach occured though, it was wholesale. For Nahum speaks in predicting this by the Holy Ghost, that chariots clattered down the streets with great speed, and the cavalary was running wild. The piles of dead bodies were immense in the city, as Assyrian Germans stumbled over them and fell again.

In an interesting taunt, God speaks of one more interesting clue to this Babylonian culture, not in the Bible when Judah was taken, and that is of Thebes, when Egypt was defeated, that the military officers cast lots for the Egyptian officers as servants.

I have no dates nor references for any of this in the future. I only know that the Bible is a book of duality, and that which took place will take place again. Germany has been rent twice in the 20th century, and I am aware that one seer of their peoples, speaks of a time when Russian tanks invade and the Rhine is the color of blood, as once again the soldiers peer in the windows of the vanquished Germans.

I relate none of this with happiness. Germany has prospered greatly, and has been a progressive people. Their Nazi heirs though in the old aristocracy have caused great murder in America in the cartel in bringing the Israelite northern tribes to subjection again.

The accounts will be settled. I would hope that Germany would repent as it did with Martin Luther, and it's great leaders, but Germany is not now a nation of Lutherans, but a state run by pimps in the pulpit.

I look forward to a time when the Christian survivors are in an era of Christ, and all of this can be something which will never appear again. It is though a warning of something which was brought to my attention.

How far civilization has been dragged from Luther, Bach, Gothe and Beethoven.