Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gorillas in the Economic Mists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What if I were to inform you, that the man who was warning about the 2008 Obama Super Depression,  the man who is in power due to the same Jewish mafia connections dating back from the 1920's that powered Vegas and moonshine, the same Jewish mafia that fund Alex Jones, the same Jewish mafia that was utilized by the CIA and was dovetailed into the Kennedy Assassination, the same Jewish mafia that brought Sen. Joe Lieberman to power to run as John Kerry's Vice President, and the same Jewish Mafia that by this man and Joe Lieberman opened all Indian nations to gaming casinos to exploit..........

Would you think this man might be someone who might know something, and if he was involved in something with economics, that maybe it might be a signal that his powerful benefactors know something is coming and that is why John McCain of Arizona is pushing for a reinstatement of Glass Steagall?

For those unfamiliar with Glass Steagal, it was a law which did not allow banks to speculate in things like debt purchases in the trillions. You might remember that as part of the Obama 2008 meltdown which installed the Obama and his look alikes.
It is complicated in investment houses gaining debt and the banks crossing lines, but the basis of it all is, all safeguards were taken away and you were robbed.

Senators Warren, McCain, Cantwell, and King Introduce 21st ...

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), John McCain (R-AZ), Maria Cantwell (D-WA), and Angus King (I-ME) today will introduce the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act, a modern ...

You might remember democrat Chris Dodd "fixed" all of this with another bill after the meltdown.........all that did was open the doors wider so now under Obama created a quadrillion in debt being traded. Nations just print money, trade debt and then liquidate assets into thin air like in China stocks collapsing, so the money appears gone, but it is still in the cartel's coffers.

I do not care about the history or the reasons, but the fact that John McCain and liberal Hillary rival, in Senator Elizabeth Warren as of July 7th, 2015 AD in the year of our Lord, introduced a bill to bring back the Glass Steagall safeguards.
What it boils down to is, there is your bank used for checking and home loans in safe debt, and then there are these massive speculative banks like Wells Fargo who risk their clients money. McCain Warren separates these two banking systems out, so your bank is not risking your money and you are not endangering your assets being seized by a broken in Greece.

We return now to John McCain. Honestly, he was leading the effort before 2008 to stop the Obama implosion, but was stymied by democrats. This entire Obama Super Depression was brought about by the cartel, because democrats gave them cover to loot the world.......and they blamed George W. Bush.
Those are the facts in McCain saw all of this coming, as his benefactors..........

OK I will lay out who John McCain is, as every one of these politicians is owned by some chamber of commerce crooks.......even your pets are that you think so highly of.

The name of the family which owns John McCain and much of the "right wing" internet you glom onto, is Bronfman. They started out in life like Joe Kennedy in running bootleg into America for fortunes. The Bronfmans were Canadian and ran booze to the Jewish crime families in America.
John McCain married into the Hensley family, who made their fortune off of the Vegas gambling syndicate and Arizona booze sales. The Hensleys own the Annheiser Busch distributorship for Arizona. Pop Hensley got his start working for Kemper Marley.

Marley was the protege of Gus Greenbaum, Lansky's lieutenant and Vegas gambler. In 1947, Lansky ordered the hit on Bugsy Siegel for skimming profits. Marley was given Siegel's position, but by 1948, Greenbaun and his wife got their throats slit.
Marley was given charge over the Greenbaum operation in Arizona.

In the 1950's, Jim Hensley took the fall for Marley on a liquor violations. After prison, Marley set up Hensley in his own booze distributorship. This company grew to a 200 million dollar empire and this is the financial backing that built John McCain's career.

It is how the Bush family, higher up in the heirarchy in Prescott Bush was the bag man for the Jewish banking cartel operatives for the Rothschilds in America, could sabotage John McCain, and it is how John McCain is able to retaliate without having his career "Larry Craig'd".

This is the background in all of this, in why John McCain knows things, why John McCain is flying around the world being quasi president meeting with ISIS and doors open to him. It is why John McCain knows the signals of what is being initiated, because his people are the same people who used to talk to Lindsey Williams in that insider information which he was fed.

So in the plus minus of all of this, you have this connected man named John McCain. Who knew before the staged 2008 Obama economic implosion that it was coming.........and as of July, you have Hillary Clinton's female nemesis sponsoring a bill with John McCain which is designed to stop an economic implosion......or at least protect the American masses from being completely robbed.

That looks like a sign of something is being initiated in this world of Chinese market implosions and Greek enslavement.

Project this out, who would look like the person who should be the democratic nominee.......crook Hillary or the woman who was trying to protect your investments in Elizabeth Warren?
Who has the satisfaction in being the one again who tried to keep your finances safe, as he makes foreign policy.........from an imposter who stole the election from him in Barack Hussein Obama.......who caused a second meltdown which is the Obama regime's responsibility........enter hero John McCain.

You are witnessing something of the connected people on the fringe in the power elite, who are making moves in they know something is coming. The heroes are there to be made, and the scapegoats are there to be undermined.

By the actions of John McCain and those who backed Elizabeth Warren, this indicates the American economy is going to begin showing the death throws which the cartel intends in real economic upheaval. No I am not stating market crashes nor the lights going out, but I am stating a controlled demolition of the American economy for the purposes of the elite to be worked out.

John McCain has puppet Warren performing her acts for her benefactors. This play is going on for a purpose. I would pay attention to Senator McCain, because his family is the people who knows the people who are the people in control.

Gorillas in the economic mists, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.