Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shock Rape of Americans

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In this era of mankind, people have lost sight that your plastics are not found in nature, but are a product of crude oil which contains numerous bi products. Everything in this world around us, is a result of the taking of huge amounts of earth, sifting it to find particles of aluminum for pans, to several hundred years of selective breeding and God blessed chance to put those apples in your grocery before you, instead of things which would make you wince in being so sour.

One of the reasons I enjoy the planting of heritage crops, is numbers of them are not standardized. By this, I have a yellow dent corn, which has been featured here, which has various size plants, ears of different types, and the seed germinates at different times. By this corn, I will by natural prejudice and bias, end up with a corn in several years which is what I instinctively think "corn" should look and be like.

I desire you to focus on this point as it is important. The great genetic breeder Oscar Will of North Dakota, along with a few no name farmers, came to that impossible Great Plains of drought, heat, monsoon, freezes, frosts, winds and insects, and within three years, had transformed long season corns, requiring high amounts of moisture to shorter season corns, which grew more compact and produced a crop in the Northwestern Dent and Rustler types.

These people literally created America, by finding crops and developing them, so people in those locations would have something to grow and sell, so they could live.

Red Fife, the legendary wheat which built the Minnesota flour and cereal industry worth billions, was a Turkish wheat, that arrived in Ukraine, and by Mennonite Christians, was transported to Canada, where it built an entire wheat industry by natural selection, mutation and evolution.

I do not want to leave the impression that my kindred Charles Darwin was correct in Evolution, because he was not, as there is not such a thing as genetic leaps or missing links. Apples do not become oranges and orangs do not become people. The basis though of genetic manipulation by nature or man, is though correct.

I return now to the focus of this paper, in the genetic freak.

God created an Adam and an Eve, male and female in His image. The genetic material in these two has been revealed to be fabulous as all of God's genetic material like corn to dogs. We can see that numerous skin colors, body types, mental types, psychological types, medical types, all came from these two orginals.
With Noah, this material became his three sons and two daughters in law, which has filled the earth with a wide range of peoples.

There is a genetic standard for species self preservation and progeneration. Male and female unite, create an environment where their offspring will flourish to reproduce. That is the natural reality and there is not any legislating nor bending this fact.

If one follows the best known breeding program of history in God choosing Abraham for Spiritual reasons, and inbreeding this to three generations, it reveals that a human type can be created which is a progenitor of a genus in the species.

Stereotypes are part of this reality in Irish temper, German precision, Russian stoicism, African slovenness, Asian intelligence. Each race and genus produces traits which mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically repeat.

I recall an observation which was recorded once in a conversation, between a Latin and a Northern European. These two literally negotiated down a hall while talking, because the Latin prefers to speak closely and the European preferred distance between them in comfort zones.

I desire you to understand this basis in how all plants, animals and people have inherant traits which are normal. These traits can either be progressed when they are good for the species by natural means or they can be manipulated.
As an example, a cow which has a calf and refuses to mother it, produces a species which dies with that group, and another species which raises the calf, then becomes the race which inherits the pasture.

There is also positive reinforcement as God produced in the Abraham lines of Spiritual natures, but the Bible also details that degenerative traits can also be produced, and in those case God wiped those peoples out as they were degrading the Spiritual plan.
We find lion men, men as giants, men as many toes and fingers. We find perverts sexually, morally and physically in the Sodom group which were wiped out, as this degenerative nature would infect the entire world population to their doom in breaking down societal structure.

The reason for explaining all of this, is the importance for people to understand the unnatural breeding program which the elite have embarked upon in America in the sodomite degeneration of the West.

Observe the real clinical data. The Rockefellers for the European cartel, began funding various scientific groups which produced Adolf Hitler in Europe, and the entire field of Nazi phased in CIA experiments from Alfred Kinseys sexual deviance to the MKULTRA psychological programmes.

This sexual and moral degeneration was aimed at religion and marriage. Once the sexual revolution was initiated along with CIA LSD counter culture fracturing, the broken homes created along with soy milk for little boys in feeding them a natural hormone which produced feminine traits, initiated with the shock rape of the culture in various Brokeback incidents.

The data reveals that the 1970's began the promotion homosexuals. The promotion advanced in the Doogie Howser and George Takei advancements of push pull, like the entertainment, but not the deviant misbehavior, to the absolute push of sodomite inclusions in the verbal brainwashing of gay rights and homophobia.

This constant shock rape of sense to desensitize and the incessant assault on normal behaviors, penetrated through to society in a breeding program which was as intense as Stalin's Soviets gang raping every female in east German to subdue an entire population to a new genetic and psychological degradation.

1950's America of Mom, Dad, Apple Pie, became the Obama 21st century of Fag on Fag and obliterate America.

America went from skinheads in the 1980's protecting the genetic pool from sodomites, to those speaking out in protecting straight lives in being terrorized by the sodomites.

The shock rape of America, was the sub culture of the college and club arenas. Sodomites fro the 1970's intelligence operations, produced dozens of unbalanced sexual deviates, who then reproduced and raped more unbalanced children, who started appearing in colleges and clubs to recruit as it was "in their nature" due to sociological conditioning, and suddenly all of these drunken and drugged boys and girls in colleges and clubs were finding themselves shock raped in an "experience", which in their "group" was conditioned into them as an "experimentation" and not a criminal assault, and this group was enabling and vociferously promoting the sodomite agenda, for to express otherwise, would mean they would have to face the facts they too were damaged goods.

From a forensic psychological standpoint, this is fascinating in the elite for their purposes of control, have been able by Stanford and Tavistock, to transform an entirely moral, dominant and successful people in Americans, to deviants, subordinates and failures.

Historically, the two most dominant Saxon peoples the world ever produced in Assyrian Germans and Israelite Americans, had their nations cropped in mass wars of their best males, has institutional rape and impregnation to bastardize the gene pool, and foreigners imported to contend with the native peoples, to subdue these dominant peoples, by a minority of Aristocrats and Ashkenaz bankers, as they promote their genetic lines of dark spiritual natures.

What is interesting in this is a verse in Scripture which states that the inquity of the Canaanites was not yet full, in the reason the Israelites were to become a breeding project under the protection of the Egyptian Empire. Canaan was already deviant, but it would take 400 years before they were completely a signature which could not be redeemed, and an absolute threat to all humanity, as it included by this time giants and all sorts of depravity.

The interesting part is, the global elite destroyed Germany from 1917 AD to 1945 AD, and in America, it was from 1948 AD to 2015 AD. With war, starvation and psychological conditioning, Germany was changed half a generation. America with infusions of decadence was repeatedly shock raped into a degenerate people in less than one generation.
That was not 400 years in natural deviation. With manipulation, the elite were capable of destroying two of the premier civilations the world ever produced in Christian culture, to end their Spiritual and advanced societies to not be contenders against an opposing old order.

This is the reality of the promotion of homosexuality for the elite's purposes, as both a weapon to destroy Christian nations, God's plans, remove national contenders and produce an order which they will establish.

All of the above is fact. It is supported by the absolute scientific evidence and statements of those progressing the homosexual agenda. America has been shock raped deliberately, in order to promote a self devouring deviant culture, which is destroying itself.
The reality is that in just a few short years, the moral genetics America and the West advanced the entire world by, has been degraded to deviant genetics, by sociological conditioning.
The programme was simple. Produce and promote a deviant pool. Introduce it to the culture, and expand it, and exactly as a pandemic, this psychological disease changed a Western race to a deviant race.

There was a recent headline that 20 minutes walking in nature literally changed the human brain. Observe what 24 hours a day of radio frequencies, physical stimulation from porn to masturbation, and shock rape of the sense has accomplished in this new deviant race in America.
20 minutes changes the brain. Do you comprehend now, the reality which you have been conditioned to not to want to face, in years of this damage being inflicted upon you?

20 minutes changes the brain. You have had years of shock rape inflicted upon you in the homosexual perverted agenda.