Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lame Cherry Right Again Enterovirus EV D 68


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you recall that the Lame Cherry was tracking a virus which was murdering Americans in the most heinous way, a type of respiratory disease which was killing adults like flies?

Yes, and I mentioned in inquiry that it pointed to coming from Latin America, but I have been too busy to follow up on this plague.

Nice part is Homo Hannity, AKA Sean Hannity, was ranting about Donald Trump and border busters today, and swung around to the massive plague the CDC was recording in this lung disease which was not heard of in America, and has spiked through the roof, once Obama started importing all of these diseased Latin children.
(Warned you beaners that you were the focus of priorities as the child rape is the top priority.)

The culprit is.............

Enterovirus Virus EV D 68........it is a polio type contaigen according to the tube testers.

See Lame Cherry was right again, and warning all of you richtards your time is coming. The pandemics are among you, as your slaves piss, shit, spit and vomit on your food they are processing and your homes they are cleaning.

I am thankful to God in being proven right again.

Oh and here is the unsettling part............the virus is designated 68, so there are probably at least 67 other varieties for you richtards to catch off your silver spoons when you dine out and off your toilet seats.
Be sure to tip them as you are not donating here........might be the last thing you do.