Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Have No King But Jesus


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I delve into the Spiritual reality of America, borne in the summit of times in England, when rulers attempted to rule as gods and threw chains of infringement and prisons of enslavement upon the peoples. Nothing is new in this from Arn of the Scandinavians, Luther of the Germans, and the Minute Men of the American Revolution.

The Great Patriot and lover of American Christianity, Oliver Cromwell spoke these telling words, "Christ, not man, is King".

This theme is the reality from Arn the Crusader in the Holy Land to Martin Luther moving a people of Onward Christian Soldiers, that God is to be obeyed and not any regime.

This movement in the 5th Monarchy movement in England gave rise to the phrase, "We have no King, but Jesus". This movement against despots arose a century before the American Revolution, but it was this battle cry which became the anthem of the American Revolution in, "WE NO SOVEREIGN BUT GOD. WE HAVE NO KING BUT JESUS."

Sir Richard Sutton, read a copy of a letter from the Governor to the Board of Trade, which stated the will of the American People as the Revolution was beginning to unfold and engulf the world.

"At the most quiet times, that the disposition to oppose the laws of this country (England)  were strongly ingrafted in them, and that all their actions conveyed a spirit and wish for independence. 

If you ask an American who is his master, he will tell you he has none, nor any Governor but Jesus Christ."

The American colonists were transformed by the prayer announcing to the world that they had No Leader but Christ, as they became American Citizens.

Attorney General John Ashcroft was crucified for uttering the American Legend at Bob Jones University during the President George W. Bush Administration. President Bush was slandered by the Mockingbird media for announcing that he believed in a shield of prayer for America, along with all of the physical responses in military and police, to protect Americans.
President Bush43 often in interviews informed reporters that he could feel the prayers of Americans for him in the work he was accomplishing.

For the record, even Maureen Dowd in Bushworld, records that President George W. Bush viewed the 9 11 War, as one which was Religious. Muslims had murdered Christians deliberately, and President Bush viewed that war as one to protect Christian America from mass slaughter.

The Lame Cherry saying these Truths as if any of you saying these Truths will place you on watch lists, as the regime of America and the regimes of the West have judged each of you as the same terrorists to the police state as the American Founders from George Washington to Paul Revere, to the same Christian terrorists in Arn of the Scandinavians and Martin Luther of the Germans. All had a price on their heads for their resistance and defiance to the satanic repression and assaults, which were denying all of mankind the very rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Living as Free Peoples determining what was Right of their individual moral lives as Christians.

The reality is that the regimes of the West are no longer Governments. They rule by mandate and decree, answering only to those in conglomerate cartel absolute power, trampling upon the Citizen and ignoring their free discourse to live without being ruled by tyrants and despots.

One must render under these Caesars their filthy lucre, but the True American, True Frenchman, True Scandinavian, True German, True Israelite does not render allegiance to these satanic regimes sodomizing peoples, raping children and murdering their masses, like sheep in a pasture, like the Free People are the cloth of the land as William the Conqueror deemed the English to be nothing but a cover for his earthly kingdom until he could divest the Free Servant of Christ of all they had, and be handed over to some supplanter. The same criminal cause in the Mexican, Muslim and Chinese slaves dumped for conglomerate exploitation in voting and profits as you are soul raped in being socially brainwashed to renounce True Good as these corporations declare evil as good.

We have no King but Jesus now in this Obama 21st century. That false messiah, the Pater Pope whoring with every cartel police state, and the rest of those satan led earthly vessels are a Judgment upon all humanity, east and west, and north and south. The feudal regimes of yore collapsed from the Forbidden City to Londonium to New York to Santiago, long ago, as the disease of the devil, they were inflicting upon the body politic.
We have no King but Jesus, is We the Faithful. Faithful to Cromwell. Faithful to Arn. Faithful to Martin Luther, Faithful to George Washington. Faithful to the Law of Moses and the Prophets. Faithful to King David who bowed only to the Lord God, Who created all in the Word, and Who by all things were made, by Whom all things were founded, and this includes the Republics of this world, who have been hijacked by the devil's cartel and deceptions, and turned the Laws of Sovereign Peoples against them and making them all criminals and enemies of the state.
We are judged enemies of the regimes of this world by their repressive tyrants, but we are Redeemed by Jesus the Christ, Who is our only Lord and Master.

We have no King but Jesus.

We have no King but Jesus, and sodom is not our home!!!!!!!

Resist in the heart of Christ, and the regime's of this world will physically fall from spiritually dark evil, by the Light of Him shining out into this now satanic globe.

- Lame Cherry

Resist!!! We have no King but Jesus!!!!!!