Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let Trump be Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"Those who say they only run positive campaigns, have already bled their opponents out, and all they are doing is smiling at the funeral."

- Lame Cherry

Some people have been biting on the propaganda of Donald Trump is not in this to stay or win. Others are knocking around the fabrication that Trump is a trojan horse looking to install some other candidate in shades of Ron Paul hacking all the Conservatives out of the race for John McCain and Mitt Romney.

The reality is though, that Donald Trump is serious, because he had the insight, foresight, and political laser lock on to hire the greatest political adviser since Lee Atwater.

For those who dislike Lee Atwater, are the losers on the end of the harpoon that Lee Atwater wielded to dispatch Michael Dukakis. Mr. Atwater had only one political superior in any political party and that was the premier campaigner in Richard Nixon.

The problem for the GOP or Republicans is they are all Rockefeller traitors who are liberals, and have been more for the democrats than for Conservative America, which they loathe as much as they did Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

The man who Donald Trump hired is Corey Lewandowski. He is the weapon which Donald Trump has implemented, and as everyone can now observe, they have been politically on the target, while the rest of the Gay Olde Perverts have been parading around in RV's or jumping into Uber cars.
I desire each of you to get this point. Corey Lewandowski is Donald  Trump's bonafides. This man is the best in the game, a young James Carville who is not hemmed in by the pervert Clintons, but actually has a New York smash mouth business tycoon in Donald Trump to carry the message.

Rush Limbaugh was musing today if the American political mob could deal with Donald Trump. The reality is with the reality television show culture,  Americans love the disjointed thoughts of Donald Trump as he swings in one sentence to three thoughts and each one is on target.
Americans, as Richard Nixon rightly put it, "Americans Love A Winner". Donald Trump is a winner. Donald Trump baited the whole goddamned Mockingbird Obama press to come after him, and the stupid bastards came at him, and built him now to an unapologetic force. Donald Trump is now the Teflon Don.
All he has to do is keep lining up these GOP fags, and knock them down for sport, while telling Americans he loves them, and he is going to do to America's enemies, what he is doing to Hamrod Clinton and Jebus Bush.

Donald Trump has a strategy. He has a core group of professionals and absolute loyal children and loyal mothers of his children. This is a tight ship and as you can witness in the opening salvo, he has been the Davy Crockett stump speaking with the locals and they love this man. They are mesmerized by him, because he is telling them what their thoughts are.
I have always told you that the successful American politician is the one who is going where Americans already are on the way. Donald Trump is ahead of a revolt and that is why he is successful. The entire GOP field as sick as the democrats have only been preening each other. Donald Trump is the voice of every American, right or left, and this is the moment that real Americans want to have spoken to.

In Corey Lewandowski, the Lame Cherry finds the blogger which is the flame thrower as is Donald Trump. These two men understand the way Americans are thinking in this new age, and they are rolling all of these opponents.

The great part for Donald Trump is this, in he has enough people he has who are envious of him in the elite and their gilded birds, that he can just ruffle their feathers for publicity. The Wall Street Journal looks LA Times yellow Hearst Journalism in taking a swipe at Donald Trump, just because olde Obama voter Rupert Murdoch does not like the Donald as a capitalist competitor. That is what this race is, and with the research which is in depth of all the dirty details to floor any opponent..........the little quislings of the Obama generation who make the big bucks ruining people  are soon enough going to be saying one thing, "I don't want to do this damn hit piece on Donald Trump or he is going to tell the world I dick sucked to get this job!"

I appreciate this duo more and more, as this is real politics not seen since Bill Casey and Ronald Reagan teamed up. This is astute political savvy in Trump and Lewandowski. This is not feeding you lies to get your vote and mocking you in private for being an American dumb ass. This is the real deal, and the reality is, you are seeing the real Donald Trump.........let Reagan be Reagan, and let Trump be Trump. All the other candidates are lying to you and crafted for an idiot message. It is going to be a complete overhaul as these frauds try to catch up......but the deal is none of them can do it, as they have all lined up against American positions and Donald Trump.

The only person bright enough in this race was Ted Cruz to back Mr. Trump, and that is after Donald Trump called him a Canadian.

Donald Trump is far more a dreadnought in this than anyone has assessed. He caught everyone flat footed and he is cementing loyalty from Americans which is going to carry through to the primaries and November 2016 which no one can crack.

God preserve Donald Trump alive in the cartel not Grassy Knolling him, and this is going to be most interesting for Americans. Perhaps there is hope.

Donald Trump has Lee Atwater and Michael Deaver in one package in Corey Lewandowski.

Let Trump be Trump, that is what they are doing and it is working like a 1980 Reagan victory.