Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Jingo Racists Against Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After listening today to two of the premier radio voices in America, Rush Limbaugh and Jeff Rense, voice angst concerning the assemblage of the way Presidential Candidate Donald Trump expresses himself. I decided to visit another New Yorker in President Theodore Roosevelt, and show that both Donald Trump and Theodore Roosevelt, both speak in this same pattern and dialect.

Theodore Roosevelt

I am not going to visit the reality that Theodore Roosevelt was too much like Ronald Reagan in trusting the financiers to not turn an expansive American economic might against Americans and the world, in both Jekyl Island and Free Trade, as it never occurred to either of these Patriots that the very economic power they sought for all Americans as an international leader would be the debt they would be enslaved by. That issue is separate, but all get that point incorrect also.
What this is about, is Donald  Trump the New Yorker, speaking as a New Yorker, speaking as an American, in the same verbiage this blog is castigated for in not following Queen's English, which is 400 years old, and no longer the speech pattern which the masses communicate in.

The American mind has been conditioned by television to burst in thought pulses, as Mr. Trump does at a more rapid rate than Mr. Roosevelt, but in Theodore Roosevelt on hears the genesis of this. Donald Trump will answer a question quickly, weave in another thought, weave in a third thought, and then roll it into one complete thought.
This as was shown on FOX AND FRIENDS, literally brain slapped Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She never composed herself to ask another question, as Donald Trump was firing too many neurons in her brain to process it all for her.

I realize this bothers people of intellect who were schooled to think and speak one way, but the vast majority of Americans are these Twitter Texters who are doing five things at once, as that is the way they process information and stimulate themselves by it. It is as Jeff Rense noted in those thumbs on texters are a blur one can not follow.

This has to be set straight as it keeps cropping up, and no one is answering any of this. Donald Trump is bombastic by design. His political lead in Corey Lewandowski is designing this campaign to stand out, and speak to the American majority in a language they understand.

It is irksome the continuous propaganda about Donald Trump in not "being able to speak correctly". . This jingo racism of the intellectuals attacking Mr. Trump is just that and then radio hosts who are skilled to communicate in specific standards are confused by it, as if they spoke this way, they would be fired.

This is a wonderful historical audio record of Teddy Roosevelt, a voice which most have never heard. It is a voice to refute the "hate Trump cocktail crowd". Donald Trump speaks in the same pattern as President Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddy Roosevelt when without script would speak like Donald Trump.

What all of this is, is once again, jingo racism by the intellectual elite. There is no fault in Jeff Rense or Rush Limbaugh, being schooled broadcasters in hearing Donald Trump "wrong", while the majority of Americans are wondering what is "wrong" with Donald Trump as they are hearing him right as that is the way they communicate.
It is though these jingo racists deliberately exploiting this which is the problem for all of us.