Saturday, July 4, 2015

many of my friends are gays AKA Dowdicide

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I prefer the fact now that sodomites are the ruling minority tyrants in America, because now they can be treated to the same scrutiny which normal people are. George Takai can be exposed for the hate filled bully he is and all of those defenders of sodomites, can now be examined in their "I have many gay friends" statements in forensic psychology, exposing exactly what they are.

First, answer a question in, do you have many gay friends? Do you know numbers of people who have so many gay friends that they would describe it as "many"?
Seems sort of odd when you start thinking about it does it not? I mean, how many drunks do you have as friends? How many adulterers do you have as friends? How many robbers do you have as friends?
Some might have preferred the sodomite propaganda of comparing them to blacks or Asians, but this is the real world now, in being black or Asian is not an action, but a race. Choosing to drink, steal, be a sexual deviant is an action. That is why the Bible condemns people who act out in self destructive ways, and never links race as a reason for being condemned.

There is no second in this as the first is the focus of this, as why would someone collect a certain group of people? What kind of psychopathy do these "friends of many gays" just have manifesting as a psychosis?

Let us examine what a queer, fag, sodomite, lesbian, have as a common trait structure? They are all a group of people who first gravitate to an effeminate psychosis, and develop a practice of listening a great deal, and then agreeing with whatever other people are saying, just to have human contact.

What kind of person then has many gay friends? It is of course an emotional person, who has a number of problems, and needs some enabling person to listen and agree that nothing is their responsibility, as they star on the stage in sucking the life out of a room.

Except for stuffed animals, cats that are locked in cages, there is only one group of people who could in seeking punishment for what they are, deal with a narcissist and that is the sodomite group.

Think about this now carefully. The people who pop up on your Face Book and claim myriads of gay friends, are they your friends, or are they just fringe types you met, and you really can not stand more than the insufferable prima donas who claim in media they have lots of gay friends.
You know this is the fact, and most of you being so disgusted over the Roberts court going all Tony Kennedy up the gay butt for sodomy, have just deleted these ranters, as they in life review, were always selfish, self centered, users who you could only stand from the distance of an electronic page, as in real life, you ran for your life from them.

That is the reality in this, narcissists gather to themselves myriads of enabling sodomites, and it apparently takes myriads of sodomites to deal with these self serving straight narcissists, as it apparently would require a 1000 cats to absorb all the whining these friends of lots of gays have.

I am reminded in this of a whining narcissist in Maureen Dowd in Bushworld. She carries on for sympathy in the end of that book, about some dead editor friend of hers, who she used to phone up all the time when she was having "boyfriend problems". This boyfriend problem while she was in Washington apparently happened all the time. There was no information if this was during the Bill Clinton pillow talk era, and why Dowd hates Hillary Clinton so much for some reason.
Any way, narcissist Dowd, was forever phoning up this editor, and going over to be waited on while he made dinner for his Dowd and his wife. No comment in maybe it was a romantic evening of newlyweds, and Dowd got herself invited over.

This got me thinking, as Dowd is one of the friends of gays, but never says she has myriads of gay friends. Maybe there is a limit to narcissism that gay can endure. Maybe there is a Dowd level, and they flee from it. Then again, maybe nice guy editors who just want time with their new wives, go off to Iraq to get themselves killed in committing Dowdicide to just get away from the PMS of narcissists like Maureen Dowd, as they being more Judeo Christian do not know how to be sodomite and give the Dowd types the brush off.

That is something for conjecture and speculation, but the forensic psychological facts are that it is narcissists who have "many gay friends" and keep repeating it like parrots, as normal people want nothing to do with these selfish, blame everyone else for their problems.

Now you have the psychiatric reality, and you can smile to yourself in knowing those who brag constantly of having many gay friends, in what psychosis they suffer from.

Makes one ponder those who always claim they have lots of black friends...........

"The sodomite like the black with Obama is going to find having something is not the same thing as wanting something, as it never begets the utopia of their delusions, as reality brings the cold slap of what all they are, and it can no longer be blamed on other morals, genders or races."

- Lame Cherry

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