Friday, July 10, 2015

Militant Fag

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to the Jeff Rense interview of Devvy Kidd of Texas, and I noticed something in the protocols, which peaked my interest in the cause and effect. Meaning you might not be able to see the booger boys in the weeds, but they are there and this group at the NSA and Homeland are quite obsessed, quite sociopathic and quite filled with rage.

The Lame Cherry states this, in I was having some trouble as I noted here in posting things, until I reported it. When the sodomite ruling came down from the sodomite John Roberts court, Mom was talking to my brother on the phone, and when the subject of sodomites came up, the  phone cut out and disconnected.

Devvy Kidd was unloading on the disgusting nature of sodomite sex, and she started exclaiming OUCH, as she was getting a cracking sound in her phone, and there was not lightning in her locality in Texas. Shortly after she was disconnected.

It was amusing later in fellow Texican, Tex Marrs was chattering on to Rense, and the same subjects of Gayophiles appeared, and Rense said, "How did you hear me, as I turned my mic off?"
Marrs was answering, because he could hear Rense yet when he should not have been able to.

Those are just a few events which point to a common nature, and reveal that a group of militant sodomites are monitoring this directly and quite unbalanced inside Homeland. This is what is causing these problems.

It is common knowledge that this group of pedophiles are giving the Brian Williams to children, so like ancient Greece, there is a Spartan ethos of child molestation which has been institutionalized by the state and it is generational now. It is accepted and the same nuttery one sees in all these militant sodomites, has  them funded by Karl Rove billionaire boys club of political donors, and has embedded at most of the top conglomerats anus sexed CEO's.
Indoctrination in college is important in this, by drug or alcohol rape, and finding you only advance in a corporation by bending over the desk, is a reinforcement that only fellow travelers in this exclusive club come into power. Yes this is co mingled with the Masonic order in their rites.

My back is spasming, so this has to be cut short as pain and hunched over typing does not compute.

You do need to be aware this group is running Homeland carte blanche now under Obama. By their criminal terrorism of normal people, in knowing they have cover to carry on these psychotic activities, and no one is going to mention any of this.

That is the reality.

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