Thursday, July 9, 2015

Whatever makes you happey Nathan


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The events of the Stock Market Freeze, Airliner hick up and whatever was a message from the Europeans aristocracy to the American order to not get involved in what is taking place in the Greco Roman European Alignment.

Think of this as a warning shot, in you American moneychangers perform your tricks on command, but the adults are moulding Eurasia and you have no part......or your entire American stock market will vanish in one poof, and that 9 11 might just return with with every jet with it.......and some more to teach you dogs to obey.

Yes, you American elite are going to get to play with your Barbie Clinton and Ken Jeb dolls, and the children of the lower classes, but that is the extent. You have taken the 30 pieces of silver, and your Rockefeller managers have brought you to heel.......and our image Obama has sucked the marrow out of your financial bones.

You richtards and richturds are going to have the life sucked out of you. I told you to make the big donation before the adults flick you off like a tick and a flea.


On an even less interesting note, this Ariana coochie Grande, who was licking and spitting on donuts  as she said she hated America. The worst diatribe in response was apparently from Laura Ingraham......almost posted Lindsey Graham, as I get these two mixed up. LI's response was something about being estupida.

The Lame Cherry instead responds with the criminal codes of the disUnited States. See in a world of Patriot Act terrorism, Ms. Grande just contaminated food, which in the real world, as she is pictured with a latino penis and testicles she is apparently taking ejaculation from, means she is in a sexual community of HIV and other diseases, along with her other latino fans who are poured into America with TB and Enterovirus.

That sort of exposure is attempted homicide, literally, and someone in a California or American regime is responsible for issuing a warrant for her arrest, her incarceration without bail, and a federal trial for terrorizing the people of that community.

Yes my richtards, I warned you of your outcome. You have the cartel hacking you and then these little coochies spitting on your donuts. Makes one wonder in all those slaves mowing John McCain's lawn, how many are sucking twat and dick.....leaving a deposit to be deposited than on more your toilet seat.

Trust in your Wall Street deposits though....maybe it will be your next plain ride the cartel takes out or maybe it will be that Mexican pissing in your swimming tool as you float your fat ass on, pretending you are superior to every one else.