Friday, July 31, 2015

Obama Genocides American Indian

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly am amused at this in the Obama tribe of Montana that named him Black Buzzard, had two of their Crow tribe members murdered by a Mexican bandit. Now mind you, I have a like for the Crow Indians. They are one of the few tribes who are actually work, are progressive and a good people.
They have though been infused with this Indian Radicalism of the left and now hate white people and love the Sioux who were genociding their race in 1876 AD in the year of our Lord.

I write this to explain something that none of you get, and what really cost these Indians their lives. What is taking place on American Indian Reservations is an invasion and protection of these damned Mexicans. These Mexicans are hiding out, breeding the squaws and turning these mostly white cross Indians, into Mexicans.
So when these Indians stopped and saw a black haired, brown skinned guy, they naturally in prejudice thought he was one of their own and bent over backwards to help him, but just like in 1876 at the Little Big Horn, helping a brown skinned, black haired guy got your throat slit by a Sioux. In the modern era, the weapon is an illegal gun, owned by an illegal Mexican.

Oh and heads up, you are not going to see image Obama having a press conference howling about this being the 17th time he has had to bitch about guns and mass deaths.........yeah I wonder if this gun came from another of his "armed government postal agents" or if this was a Gun Runner weapon from Eric Holder.

We will never know, all we know is that some good Indians in Montana, turned out to be dead Indians. Phil Sheridan is still a prophet on that one.

*Look all I did was ask the Crow how to make a rope bit. The Squaw was really nice in talking to me, but the Buck she sent me to, was rude in did not reply.
I like the Crow, but they should be nice to me and other we are the ones who are not importing Mexican bandits, raping their women and shooting them like.....Sioux at the Little Big Horn gunning down Crow and Hidatsa Indians.

That about covers all of this subject in the full understanding you need to know what is really going on out in America.

Oh one more thing, the Lame Cherry advocates the abolishment of Indian Reservations and the excess lands to become homesteaded to Americans by lottery. Give them 7 more years of BIA money, and then let them loose..........because either they are Americans in voting in our elections to skew elections in states by voting for fraud Obama, or they are Indians on their own Obama sovereign lands. End this welfare........end the Obama genocide of the American Indian.

Obama policy did this. Just like the Sioux and Cheyenne slaughtered Crow in 1876 and General Custer and the 7th were at the Little Big Horn to protect the Crow.

Yeah but you Indians bitch about the Washington Redskins in the NFL and have the NAACP hammer North Dakota in the Fighting Sioux as that is what is important in Obamaland.........not your people getting raped and murdered by Obama Mexican Bandits.

Dumb ass Indians always pick the wrong Squaw Man to put their trust in.

Mendoza later told FBI agents he “shot the victims because he was getting tired of waiting around, and because the daughter laughed at him,” the criminal complaint says.
That sounds like justifiable Obamacide to any one right? Few million babies at Planned Parenthood, a few dead Muslims in Syria the day before, a gal in San Francisco last week, and now a few dead week Walter Palmer.  Probably some Obama regime budget thing in trading in dead welfare Indians for live Mexican bandits on welfare.

Nuff said