Friday, July 31, 2015

First it is Walter Palmer, then Donald Trump and then it will be you

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Zimbabwe: American lion killer's extradition being sought

Jul 31, 10:43 AM (ET)

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe intends to seek the extradition of an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and shot with a bow and a gun, and the process has already begun, a Cabinet minister said Friday.
In the Zimbabwean government's first official comment on the killing of Cecil the lion, the environment, water and climate minister lashed out at Walter James Palmer, accusing him even of trying to hurt Zimbabwe's image

Still do not get it do you?

OK let the Lame Cherry fill in the blank portion of your brains as I can do nothing with the blank portion of your souls.

First we have Robert Mugabe, one of the top 5 butchers of Africa. As of 2008 under George W. Bush, Mugabe was on his way out........Obama appears installed at 1600 Penn Avenue, and voila, Mugabe is running on a new contract to plunder Rhodesia.

Second, what is Mugabe getting some extra cash from? Selling lion trophies to the hunters of America.

Third, who the f*ck was just in Africa again, but image Obama on the Kenya tour.......and suddenly a story a month old, erupts onto the stage over Cecil the lion, when the Zimbabweans could have cared less about this murderous lion.

So who stirred this pot eh? image Obama and the same folks who installed Obama into office.

Fourth, now what has this devolved to? You got a White Minnesotan, being hunted by the Minnesota DNR, Zimbabwe communists demanding his extradition, when a few days ago they had no idea what the hell this Cecil even was, and what is the message you ignorants just fed on in who you are in bed with:

4a: You just joined PETA in demanding this innocent man who was completely legal to be hanged.

4b: You just joined Mia Farrow, terrorizing Walter Palmer, by handing out his home address.

4c: You just joined the Obama protestors who one week are pro anal sex, the next hating Donald Trump, the next pro planned parenthood, the next anti gun, the next raping children legally........

That is enough of the YOU JUST, you parrots, who never got this, because you never bothered to read and comprehend what the Lame Cherry has been publishing for over a year in  John Borroughs and Theodore Roosevelt stating it is American policy to kill all these damned you were too smart and too higher social order to get this......and now what have you just assisted image Obama in, and the cartel, just like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell..........but making it a policy to extradict innocent Americans to foreign hell holes where they will like Jerome Corsi in Kenya find out how fast you end up dead in a cell by these Obama thugs.

So take pride in how you just were suckered willingly, as the Bible says you could not have been deceived if you did not choose to be duped. You wanted this in your "high morals" and here you just set the stage for your own deportation.

You don't get this do you yet. That is a statement as you are ignorant. So let the Lame Cherry explain to your half brain. Canada like many nations have "hate crime" laws where it is illegal to think and say right wing things. The internet is international and nothing is now going to stop any country being pushed by the Obama regime to file charges against you for any damn thing they can dream up, and you are going to be written about like a pariah, and shipped to some terror state to make an example of you.

You don't get this, because you think small. You do not see that Bill Clinton used Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians to intimidate the opposition. All this Cecil the lion is, is another intimidation against Americans, all American gun owners and hunters. You are a pariah cult which the spokespeople for the Obama regime, stated you should be taken out and hung.

None of this is by accident, no more that the shootings at the South Carolina church, Ferguson Missouri and the Boston Bombing. All of these events were by design, and this is just the Obama regime taking this international and allowing you to ...........

Do you remember the real story of the Russians which I posted here? The family who were being pursued by wolves in their sled, and they threw kid out for the wolves to kill to get away?
That is exactly what you have done. In order to pretend you are of a higher moral mind, you just threw out to the Obama wolves an innocent man, who is now being dragged through the brush as bait, to be murdered in Kenya.
Everyone of you is now guilty of murder and are no different than a damned animal. You remind me of what William Holden said in the Wild Bunch, "Go ahead, fall apart, turn on each other."

This was not even a time of stress for an excuse. You Pansy Patriots sacrificed an innocent man, just because you are deep down, no damned different than Barack Hussein Obama.