Thursday, July 23, 2015

Obama's Mother of all Nukes


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What if I were to tell you that the father of over 100, 000 dead in Syria, Christian genocide in Syria, and civil war in Iraq, was just in the Israeli state, advocating a new Jewish policy.

Would that confuse you I suppose, as what kind of creature could this be?

Sickly, this is Ambassador Dennis Ross, not be confused with the ass  raped to death homosexual friend of John McCain in Chris Stevens at Benghazi, because as only this blog has noted the sequence, the following real history took place.

Obama had Dennis Ross in Iraq. Dennis Ross suddenly appeared in Syria, and within his visit, suddenly assassination attempts exploded against President Assad, and out of nowhere, all these Libyan arms started flowing into Syria with all these Obama trained Islamocommunist terrorists.

The father of the Obama genocide of Syria was Dennis Ross. Now on the glow of Obama's nuclear proliferation deal with the Islamocommunists of Iran..........who appears, but Dennis Ross, not in Iran, but in the Israeli state, with this Sputnik quote:

Ambassador Dennis Ross, a former adviser to President Obama on Iran, has endorsed the idea of providing Israel with military hardware capable of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities.
"To have a credible military option, it’s not enough to say all options are on the table," Ross told Defense News on Thursday. "We have to be much more blunt."
In this case, "blunt" means B-52 Stratofortress bombers with a payload of 30,000-pound GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators.
"Deterrence becomes a very important question as we move toward implementation," he said.
For those who doubt that Vladimir Putin's press could be valid, here is the actual link from Defense News.

Former Obama Aide: Bolster Israel With B-52s

We have to be much more blunt," said Ambassador Dennis Ross, ... as we move toward implementation," Ross told Defense News of the Joint ...
And this is the Dennis Ross quote:
In an interview Thursday, Ross said he favors the transfer of an unspecified quantity of B-52 Stratofortress bombers outfitted to deliver 30,000-pound GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators as one of the means of shoring up deterrence vis a vis Iran.

This should be something that scares people in America and across Eurasia, as the man that Obama sent in to genocide Syria, installed ISIS terrorists trained by the Obama regime, which just inspired a Muslim in Tennessee to shoot up 5 American military personnel, just advocated a policy of handing over to the Jewish state, nuclear strategic bombers and super ordnance, which if used is not going to destroy concentrated uranium nor yellow cake. It will though move the turban heads of Iran to start dispensing their dispensed nuclear Dr. Khan cone shaped nuclear weapons and using them.

So you get this, the Obama regime has just advocated a hot war in the Mideast, which involves nuclear armed powers, and the Iranians have the means to deliver these nuclear bombs to America.

America has never allowed strategic bombers to be handed over to other nations, as they are nuclear weapon's platforms. For this to be advocated from the father of Syrian genocide, is a reality that the Obama regime has been focused on initiating a nuclear holocaust.
I return you to the David John Oates reverse speech quote of Obama talking about 40 million dead in Europe, and Obama said in reverse speech that he was going to "burn Europe".

This is the Jewish Holocaust resurrected and revisited. For Dennis Ross to even advise such an insane deployment is a crime against humanity.

For those doubting this, this is Obama's inner circle. This is something the regime has had planned from Day One like Hutatree and the BATFE to spring on the world.

He noted that in the nearer term, Israeli pilots could start training in the United States and working jointly toward receipt of the new capabilities.
Ross' remarks were the first time he or any other member of Obama's inner circle publicly endorsed an idea bandied about for years as a means of fortifying Israel's legally mandated Qualitative Military Edge (QME).

The image Obama construct was to nuclear expand Iran's nuclear arsenal, and now to force Jews to come to America to train as B 52 pilots. This all reminds me of Obama's Indochina 3rd world background where cock fighting abounded. Obama for the cartel appears to have a lust to put two posing peoples in Jews and Persians in a ring, peck at them, and then throw them at each other with metal spurs on to watch with delight at the entertainment.

None of this has hit the Drudge Report or American press as of when I write this on Sunday evening. It is though a warning to all of you. Dennis Ross unleashed for the Obama regime the genocide of Syria, and he is now advocating arming Jews for a nuclear holocaust with Persia.

The Nobel Prize winner Obama shapeshifted to the Obama Jinn, and now the Obama legacy is setting up for the vaporizing of New York Jews and Tel  Aviv Jews.

What do you think the Persians are going to do? Wait around to get attacked? You do remember TWA Flight 800 right, shot down off New York by Iran?


Ross graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, in 1970 and did graduate work there, writing a doctoral dissertation on Soviet decision-making. He later became religiously Jewish after the Six Day War. In 2002 he co-founded the Kol Shalom synagogue in Rockville, Maryland

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