Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donald Trump: Shades of Jesus

Jesus Don & the Mayor


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I heard Donald Trump in Laredo Texas say that he loves Jesus. Jesus works down there as a city planner or something, along with the Mayor. Both look like Texicans and both loved Donald  Trump.
I also heard that Mr. Trump said he loves Jesus so much, that he is going to steal him away from Laredo Texas and hire him, as Jesus is that great on the job.

I always thought Jesus was taller and thinner, but then for Christians concerned about Donald Trump not asking God for forgiveness, as from what I heard, Donald loves Jesus, Jesus loves Donald and from what the Bible says, Jesus does have a job, working for the Father in our behalf.......nothing in the Bible about Donald Trump not being able to hire Jesus, just rewarding people who do not get duped by false messiahs.

I care nothing of this, as this is the first day in like..........over 3 weeks that my back did not feel like someone was jamming a chard of glass into my spine or I was having back spasms to raise the dead or make you prefer dead. It is nice to have a world where I can get up, roll over and not be taking the Lord's Name in vain in repeating, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God".
I know in the Lame Cherry movie it would be more pub if I was cursing and swearing, but that is my great sin.

I was just thinking as I work for Jesus, and Jesus works for Donald Trump, perhaps that means I need to disclose that I work for Donald Trump.....that is if Jesus moves from Laredo Texas or is not crucified by Mexicans down there who hate anyone who loves Donald Trump.

Did you hear the real poll, not Andersodom Cooper of CNN, that Donald Trump is pulling in a record number of Latinos and that his dust up with Songbird McCain over McCain being a traitor, only helped Donald Trump in the polls?

I also heard that Donald Trump has threatened to run as a 3rd party candidate. I am WARNING all of you who are hating on Donald Trump, and being suckered by only the devil knows what in voting for one of the 5000 Republicans running for President.......if you do not make your pets treat Mr. Trump right, that means Hillary Clinton is in the White House, as Donald Trump is going to gut the GOP, along with the GOP you get this, it means that Hillary will control both houses, and the White House, just as this blog predicted was building.

This is not in the least saying that Donald Trump is working for Hillary Clinton or an asset. His "threat" is just the Jeb Bush New York Times, trying to push a story which Mr. Trump was asked about........Mr. Trump did not bring this up.

I repeat that Donald Trump did not bring up the 3rd party run, but Mockingbird brought the subject up in order to create this rift to spin a story which to back the story they have been pushing.

Now that I think about it, we do have a reality in this, that until Theodore Roosevelt was shot by a stooge of the elitists, he was winning the Presidential race. If Ross Perot was not just about defeating HW Bush, he would have won the White House........Perot did not want any part of that 1600 Penn area code.
What I am stating is, that for all the handwringing over Donald Trump, he has it in him to pull the Latins, the union as members want to vote for him, even if the AFL CIO leadership is in the can for Hillary, and the Donald has the Tea Party multitudes which installed fraud GOP liars to Congressional landslides twice.

Donald Trump can win 3rd party. It would be better if the GOP brand stopped being Obama's 3rd term and bowed to the will of their employers in being pro American, pro jobs, pro life, pro gun and .......well the things Donald Trump has been progressing.

Let us revisit the Trump 3rd party candidate propaganda:

Donald Trump -- Third-Party Spoiler Again? | National Review ...

Donald Trump says he has no intention of running as a third-party candidate, but his history and recent comments suggest he's looking to play spoiler.

As you can assess, these are all Mockingbird pushing this story............and then the real story comes out in the Examiner.

Trump: I'm not thinking third party -- for now | Washington ...

Donald Trump's 2016 presidential run seems custom-made for a third party. The billionaire developer has never held political office, never run as a Republican or ...

So what did we learn today my children and my brats?

When Bill Krystol can not make Jebpanzee Bush and Scott Walker into a cage match, then the Mockingbird press is going to create fictitious stories about Donald Trump, as they have tried smearing him on their pet issues of Mexicans and the beaner masters who exploit them in John McCain songbirding around (Songbird is the nickname the Vietnamese Coms gave McCain as the guy would not shut up....told them the combination to his wife's chastity belt and where the Admiral kept the scotch satire)

 Oh by they way, I have 4 G internet access, but I do not, as soon as I start typing on blogger, the entire internet shuts off.......gee I wonder who does not like the Lame Cherry exclusives today.

So any way, this comes down to this:

Americans can vote for the evil Hillary Clinton, the homosexual being lapped at by Huma, and both are going to hell, in working for satan........and they hate Americans.

Americans can vote for evil in Jeb Bush, the guy who oversaw Terri Shaivo being dehydrated to death, and a Vatican practitioner with his shaman Mexican wife, Eudora......or whatever she is called, and they hate Americans......well Jebpanzee said Americans just have to work harder at being unemployed to get ahead in life by working themselves to death.

Americans can vote for Donald Trump, who loves Jesus, is seeking to hire Jesus to work for him, and both of who love Americans.

I have already stated that I am not voting for Jeb Bush, period. I do not foresee anything he can entice me with that is Conservative as VP which will change my mind. I am not going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

.......and please my children do not fall for Rick Perry of Texas, who is trying to be that flat footed Ken Norton to Muhammed Ali's boxing career in a contender.

I am certain of one thing, and that is the actual comments by Donald Trump have been censored from the New York Times on down. There is not one actual quote of Donald Trump stating that he loves Jesus.

Why is it such a threat that actual Latin Americans love Donald Trump, like Donald Trump and do not hate Donald Trump? You have that answer.  Donald Trump gets the Mexican vote and the Jesus vote, and he wins by a landslide.

City Manager - Laredo

Jesus M. Olivares Cynthia Collazo Horacio A. de Leon, Jr. Jessica N. Harris Ruth G. Silva Elsa Hinojosa Xochitl Mora Garcia. City Manager Deputy City Manager

This is why the shades of Jesus matters in the Presidential election of Donald Trump.