Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Operation Appian Road

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"In the physical universe, the pressures of it's force create the same irresistible forces. It is the prevailing will, whether it becomes a force for good or for evil."

- Lame Cherry

I was reading this Q & A from Max Keiser, and beyond the superficial of Greeks being blackmailed in damned if they do and damned if they do not, there is the reality of watching this from the standpoint of, "What would the antiChrist do?"

America and the world has had a first hand view of the shadow image of evil of Barack Hussein Obama as a precursor event of the son of perdition. While people watch Greece, it is the nuances of what is taking place as that is the reality which matters.

German Deutsche Bank owns 100 trillion dollars in debt, in the same derivative which collapsed America for the installment of the illegal alien, Barack Hussein Obama.
I repeat in this, this debt book has 100 TRILLION dollars involved and not billions. One bank has in Germany almost the equal debt of what is in the plundered accounts of the cartel in over 150 trillion as of September 11, 2001.
The Bank of Germany is poised to go the way of Lehman Brothers.

You do recall that Obama cartel scheme where American investment firms were bankrupted and bought up for pennies on the millions of dollars right?

What is being lost in this is, Germany has been maneuvered to buy up an impossible debt, and when the Bank of Germany is bought up by cartel sources, it will be buying up German finances for fennigs on the mark.

Revisit this in you do remember that it seems that there were a troika of Obama backers like Mubarak of Egypt, Col. Khadaffi of Libya, and you do remember that Obama started all of this in the Berlin speech. Each has been maneuvered and betrayed.

Revisit the planned destruction of Anglo American finance. It was all covered here exclusively and tracked. The lab was Iceland. The test ground England. The target America. Twice French banking sent collapse shockwaves which eventually triggered the American collapse to install Birther Hussein.

The world was bled, America and Germany were to buy up the debt and did. Spain, Italy and Greece had the debt in the underbelly of Europe. Germany is holding that debt.

Ask yourself, why is it again that Germany has been the back channel target as it was in World War I and World War II. Who is  it that would benefit?

The financial houses of Rothschild who manage all of this for the aristocracy, have three family divisions. England, France and Germany. Germany thee most powerful house in Europe is poised on the Obama financial abyss to be bought up at bankrupt prices.
As everyone is focusing on Greece as the weakling, Greece is the subordinate who is bringing the Dominant Germany to heel.
This cartel is removing German dominance, and opening a place for another ruling house for the New Roman Empire which is to be resurrected.

All of this is being lost in this clever subterfuge. Greece is but one part of this triad. Remember the financial problems Spain had as a conservative kingdom, but the King was deposed and his son with liberal daughter in law were put into power. Spain and Italy both have the same "great guns" that Greece has. Once the Trojan Horse is unleashed, there are three more waves available to accomplish what is being planned.

Now for the little scorcher in this. If you think the German national bank holding 100 trillion dollars in debt is a large sum. There is a reported 1.2 QUADRILLION in debt being held in those markets where all of your savings are.
The entire world gross domestic product is only 65 trillion per year.

This is an entire house of cards, as for example, German banks own other national debt, but America has been lending money to Germany to buy up that debt. This is a Ponzi scheme of layers. The Germans have been conned to take up this debt, and the cartel will apparently receive an entire nation in Germany for a few cents. It is a brilliant scheme and is apparent what is headed for America, once the neo owners take over the Neo Roman Empire.

For those who might think the French are involved in this, the reality is France is one again on the teeter totter of financial upheaval, and is trying to bail it's own sinking ship.

the frontrunner for the next French president is none other than National Front's Marine Le Pen, who will no doubt seize this memo as further proof of the terrible economic state of the country and leverage it even more to her benefit, and add even more fuel to the Frexit fire. As a reminder, Le Pen now prefers to be called Madame Frexit because as she warned last week, when she becomes president, unless the Eurozone yields to her demands, France will be the next country out of the monetary project effectively ending the Eurozone.

So enjoy this Lame Cherry exclusive in no one has these kinds of exclusives in matter anti matter. The richtards are running out of the opportunity to donate in the big sum to make me a happy camper, instead of a witness for their destruction.

If you need this translated, you were just informed how the antiChrist comes to power and how the mark of the empire is triggered, and how you rich people and your children end up rotting corpses in the street.

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