Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Obama Legacy Lyncher Jimmy Carter


The Obama is Over

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone must note that the Obama legacy is finished and the chopsticks have skewered the Peking Duck when Jimmy Carter appears at the Aspen Institute, that liberal political vomit stomach which puked out ilk like Paul Ryan, and starts making defining statements that AMERICA IS NO BETTER OFF THAN 6 YEARS AGO IN RELATIONSHIPS AROUND THE WORLD AND THAT BARACK OBAMA IS ONLY MARGINAL IN ANYTHING ACCOMPLISHED OVERSEAS WITH A FEW THINGS ACCOMPLISHED AT HOME.

Personally I desire to thank Dragon Lady, Rosalyn Carter, for finally getting Jimmy to man up by connecting back his nut sack, in going in for the kill on Obama. If you need a translation what this Georgia Southerner just said about Obama it is this:

Barack Obama is a lazy Nigger, who is dumb as shit, and for those who thing Big Boss Man Jimmy was the worst President in history, well Bill Clinton's bright boy Obama just topped me in worse.

Frankly, I like all of that Carter nuance, as there has not been one occupant of the White House which Jimmy Carter has not sabotage or meddled with, since he suffered that massive rejection in being beaten by Ronald Reagan, and that psychopathy never wore off.

I do agree that Rush Limbaugh is right. The Carter's attended President Richard Nixon's funeral, and Nixon was praised roundly and soundly for being one of the greatest Presidents in history. To that Rosalyn had her twat pucker up in fury, and whipped Jimmy to do that rehabiliation of his image in pounding nails for poor folks in Habitat for know that thing that has disappeared now as only so many nails have meaning when you got a Designer Negro in the White House.

So Jimmy Carter went to Aspen with the Dragon Lady, and decided it was time to cut the scrotum off of Barack Obama's image and nail it to the wall. This is important as no one is ever at a Carter eulogy is ever going to say that Obama sucked dick while Carter just sucked. So Jimmy has to say it now, and as others have given Carter cover to say how crapper Obama is in being the worst in history..........well Jimmy has just had his legacy lifted from the utter bottom.

As I digress, that fiction which Mr. Jennifer Garner produced in Jimmy Carter was some hero for allowing Americans to rot in Iran as hostages..........did not help anything, but we do have a higher esteem for Jennifer Garner in she has now filed from Ben Affleck the chronic gambler and political retard. It is too bad she let that thing eject sperm into her, but at least like Alec Baldwin, Mr. Jen is going to be stuck paying a fortune in child support.

See liberals do wise up..........Jennifer Garner is no longer being a cum dump for an idiot, and Jimmy Carter came to Aspen to dump on Obama's image. It is really a banner day for liberals.

The Lame Cherry though wills to define Jimmy Carter correctly for history. Jimmy Carter was was a well intentioned inept social moralist who failed at being President due to his narcissist ego in being the worst President in history.
Birther Hussein Obama and the image though were ill intentioned feudal amoralists who succeeded in everything they did to destroy America as a narcissist in being the worst occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue for America in American history.

The Truth is always important and the above assessment is correct.

Jimmy Carter has finally found his calling, just before the Grim Reaper calls for him. Jimmy Carter is a LEGACY LYNCHER OF A PSEUDO BLACK IMAGE IN BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

I will repeat that for the Carter legacy and the sodomite choir.


- Lame Cherry

Let us sing a bastardized song in honor of Sunday school Jim Carter.

Oh happy day
Oh happy day
When Jimmy washed
I say when Jimmy washed
Barack Obama away
Oh happy day..........

This is all going to be so much easier if Jimmy Carter hangs around with Rosalyn for a few years after Obama in the economic collapse of America, in their guidance as legacy lynchers with Hillary Clinton in the White House pulling down image Obama with both hands.

I have a compromise for the Carter Clintons..........

How about Hillary chain Obama with Justice Department legalities after 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, and Jimmy and Rosalyn can come out and whip that Birther with their words. I figure if Carter keeps his mouth shut about Hillary and Bill, then when Jimmy dies, the Clintons will weep crocodile tears as everyone repeats, "That Jimmy Carter was honest as the Confederate Flag over Dixie, but that Barack Obama was dishonest foreigner who took advantage of all of us folks.........yes mam, nice Carter Institute mausoleum for Jimmy and that Obama rotting down in orange uniform prison with his Muslim traitors."

You liberals who attacked this blog sinfully for the Truth posted here, just had your Jimmy Carter CONFIRM every word printed here concerning Barack Hussein Obama Chin. You liberals owe me big time apologies and big donations for penance before you go to hell......matter of fact those simps who always messaged about not agreeing with this blog's content owe me donations too as apologies, as Jimmy Carter just repeated it all, just as this blog predicted liberals would.

Miss Lillian will be proud of her son yet.