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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am giving Pam credit for this post, as I honestly have had a pain in the back and anything with Lindsey Graham in it, makes that pain seem like one in the ass.

The subject of this is the Lindsey Graham video and I will post what Pam wrote to explain:

 I watched the Graham phone-destroying video.  First thought that popped into my mind was when Bob taped the segment for Mysteries of the Museum, 6-8 hours of taping for a 20-second clip that was just him looking and observing an object and slightly touching it.  What day was it that Trump gave out the number?  Wasn't it just 2-3 days ago tops? was it that Graham made this one-minute, highly-edited, professionally-finished video with several different scenes of mechanisms of destruction and published so quickly?  Something doesn't smell right.  
By the way, I wonder if Dave Hodges from TheCommonSenseShow reads LC.  Interesting article linked today on Quayle regarding concern of a Trump assassination.

Pam is correct and the people behind this are IJREVIEW are insiders in the DC Beltway. IJ is one of the portals of the main media concern of Media Group of America, which is an interesting mix of doing media work for the Liberal Party of Australia and Sen. Tim Scott of the US Senate. Yes no political allegiances, just sign the checks.

This is interesting in the culprits behind this are Phil Musser and Alex Skatell. Musser worked for Mr. Milk Toast Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Skatell was an employee of the Republican National Senatorial Committee. You remember this John Cornyn of Texas group who Donald Trump correctly stated wasted 400 million dollars to lose elections to elect Harry Reid from Nevada.

The key points in understanding this is Phil Musser is the pet on the leash of Mitt Romney who paid the bills.

Alex Skatell is a programmer who is Gay Olde Pervert insider in his inventions, which are basic Drudge Report feeds for digitals.

What you find is  Musser and Skatell are establishment GOP, the exact opposite of Corey Lewandowski who was blackballed by the GOP establishment, and ended up managing the Donald Trump campaign, which is where this all starts to become the conspiracy reality of how the Lindsey Graham digital just happened to appear hours after Donald Trump outed Graham's number.

Ask yourself for example, if Matt Drudge had a video of some exclusive, do you think every right wing hating Mockingbird site would put up that video? Just look at the list below from the Duck Duck Go search engine and it involves the New York Times to ABC News. For the bizarre link in this, ABC and IJREVIEW are teaming up to cover the GOP debates in New Hampshire.
Yeah George Stephanopolous and these two rich GOP kids playing together.

Can you hear me now? Graham smashes cell phone after Trump ...

... "How to destroy your cell phone with Lindsey Graham. ... destruction, though, it turns out the phone in the web video is not Graham's actual phone.

Makes absolutely no sense now does it? Musser and Skatell, two establishment GOP boys, one for that idiot Cornyn in Texas and one for that Mormon who wants to be king maker in who is chosen for the GOP IR/ Jebpanzee Bush.

This begins the conspiracy of the Lindsey Graham digital, John McCain's pet boy, in Phonefagate. If you review what Graham had produced for him, it is high tech, but then anyone with an iphone and computer can produce a video with "asshole" slipped in at the end. What it reveals more is the shabby location in DC which this was shot at.......richtards with big connections, running an operation not in the affluent part of the city, but in the brickyards.
For a review of Graham, he looks like an old fag. There is nothing funny about this digital, and yet it is billed as that in the talking points. I return this to the New York Times running pieces for Jeb Bush. The New York Times was running hit pieces against Donald Trump down on the border. Yes, the evidence is there, that the media left is assisting Jeb Bush, exactly as it did John McCain, and who is feeding them the Graham digital, but these two insider GOP boys, get every damn thing they want posted on liberal Mockingbird sites.......all aimed at Donald Trump.

This is Phonefagate, and it is the reality of this real conspiracy. We have assembled before us the paradigm which postulates can never be. The New York Times propping up Jeb Bush, and two GOP insiders getting Graham digitals posted on every right wing hating media sites. Does not make any sense in this, until one follows the money, and the money points to those "powers that be".
I am putting the proof of this in a Youtube video which I said would not be used as a site here ever again. I place it as proof though, that Obama knows the shadowlands and this group at source controls both the puppets of the right and the left.

Think of the logistics in this. How could Donald Trump make a retaliatory joke on Lindsey Graham one day, and Graham appears the next, in a video on every liberal website of Mockingbird? There is an operational connection of the insiders in this which is compacting too much production in too short of time.
Observe the screengrab below, the shadow tells you this is around mid day. Graham is not sweating in any of these shots, which is interesting in the dog days of summer in DC. What I am driving at here, is this was set up early, not a late day production.

Less time is less time, and more production at night in edits for the next day smear against Donald Trump. This was a costly operation, involving numbers of people, who dropped everything just to make this hit piece on Trump. The point in this is, is there either an insider in the Trump organization spying on Donald Trump in feeding information illegally to the GOP leaders coordinating with the Obama wing media, or someone is using NSA resources to monitor Donald Trump.


A search engine provides this absolute time line. Graham calls Trump a jackass on the 21st, the news stories state that on the 21st Trump gives out Grahams phone number, and the very next day Lindsey Graham via insider media releases his video.

There is problem in this though in this news story posted, as it is exact in the time Donald Trump was in South Carolina.

Donald Trump In South Carolina: Presidential Candidate Talks Immigration, McCain, And Lindsey Graham In Campaign Speech

By @superjulia on

Assemble this now, we have a definite time of around 2 PM eastern that Donald Trump gave out Graham's phone number. Look at that alley shadow picture of Graham, and we are dealing with a certainty of 11 AM or 1 PM.
Politico locks in the Graham video at  PM :

In video, Lindsey Graham demolishes his cellphone

Get this now, that Trump's time is 2 pm eastern on the 21st. Grahams time line is 2 pm on the 22nd. We know absolutely by Lindsey Graham posing on that roof and tossing his cell phone that by sun angle we are dealing with a time frame, depending on how this digital was shot in direction,  a time of around after 11 am on the morning of the video release or a time of around 1 pm in a video which was planned out, directed, shot, edited and then sent out to the media, all by no later than 1:57 PM on July 22nd of the same day it was supposedly recorded.

Or the real question is, was this video recorded some previous day, as again the time line is certain in Donald Trump was finished speaking at 2 pm in South Carolina, so how does Lindsey Graham end up posing at 11 am or 1 pm before Donald Trump even was news sourced in outing Graham's phone number.

There is absolutely not enough time to produce this Graham video on a 1 pm solar time clock in the alley photo and it is beyond possible at an 11 am alley shot of the sun shadow.

This is Phonefagate. This is not about a phone and Mitt Romney directing this smear of Donald Trump with the Obama press in tow with poster boy Graham posing for his close ups. This is about criminal surveillance of Donald Trump in knowing what was in his speech at South Carolina before he gave it. That either projects to a spy in the Trump group working to sabotage Donald Trumps organization or NSA electronic surveillance illegally being used to monitor Donald Trump, as there is nill chance that Lindsey Graham is a prophet of Obama and foresaw all of this happening and produced a video days before Mr. Trump spoke in South Carolina.

The solar time is absolute. The video release is absolute. The Trump appearance is absolute. There is not enough time to produce this type of digital recording.

This was coordinated with the Obama press, as Politico had this before 2 pm for posting, meaning these two GOP insiders were consulting this video to go viral across the internet, which is not just one call, but numerous calls.
Again there is not enough time in this to carry all of this out.

This is as large of connected conspiracy as Watergate in forces inside the GOP conspired with the Obama media, to produce this Zapruder film. This is criminal and could bring down the entire GOP, Democratic and liberal media wings, and it all goes back to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, having not enough time on his hands to produce a digital in a few moments.

We are absolutely certain this was a hit piece against Donald Trump and it was coordinated. What that sun dial clock in the alley with the other absolute time lines prove is there is not enough time to produce this smear on July 22nd. That means by the sun dial clock it was produced before Donald Trump spoke or while he was speaking on the 21st, which is impossible, unless of course........someone was illegally stalking Mr. Trump for the GOP or the NSA was monitoring Mr. Trump's communications, and this was illegally shared with the GOP and their Obama press conduits to smear Donald Trump.

There is more than the appearance of crimes being committed in this, which are coordinated from the GOP leadership, to the Obama regime signing off with the Democratic National Committee to utilize their Mockingbird press to attack Donald Trump. There is too much production and not enough time. This criminal event requires a full Justice Department investigation.

That is the reality. Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Full credit to Pam for seeing something was wrong in all of this.