Thursday, July 23, 2015

The NSA Homogram


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who are interested in the bizarre world of the Lame Cherry, I have the above screen grab from Facebook.

To explain this, when a poster shares a link, the link grabs not the photo of the story any more for me, but it posts the Lame Cherry logo which is exclusive to this blog. The big cherry which is the popular girls trademark.

I have noticed different times the pixels were off on the post, but this is the first time that someone in Homoland deliberately took the official symbol off blogger and transferred the above monogram to the site which is nothing I have ever used.

Yes there is a message in it, and yes it means something. It is how all this artificial intelligence and intelligence communicates in sending messages covertly. So you get this, in order to do this, someone would have to hack into blogger and change my logo, which did not happen..............and what then projects out is someone hacked into blogger, grabbed the link, and then fed in this symbol......or someone at Facebook hacked into the feed of blogger and replaced it with this symbol. Yes it is all criminal, and all lame, but it is the forensic psychology of the group that finds me so very interesting that all this effort is expended attempting to impress the popular girl.

It is odd, it makes no logical sense, but this is how the interaction plays out. There are not many people who have Homeland Security designing monograms for them....multi trillion dollar network and my dividend is a personal monogram.
Maybe next time it will be the million dollar donation as Homeland has all that money just laying around in e currency.

Nuff said.