Friday, July 24, 2015

Posterboys Against Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First, I must say I am upset. No I am not a capital U upset, but more like an upSet, no it is upseT.........Yes the popular girl is upseT.

It is ok when the NSA creates a new monogram for me, as it is quite thoughtful that the girlfriends at Homoland glom on and want to be straight and loved by God, and make this big L logo for the blog in appreciation of all the hard work it is to read this blog.

It is though another thing when NSA swipes this blog in message sending and puts the IBT, or International Business Times logo on the blog at Facebook, and then gives credit to it in BY JULIA GLUM.

I mean just look at this........woman.


I mean like, is this really who the NSA is going to be ordered to drag out of her bed at 3 AM in her panties, to be photographed in the street for all the world to see, when the police state crackdown takes place?
Poor Julia will be glum for sure to have this take place.........I do understand though how pleased she will be to be mistaken for me in the short term, as every lesbian and male who does not hide behind shades will want to glom onto her.


For me though, I work hard with no money. I mean I am not a plain haired girl who entertains herself by clipping her toenails as she tweets what an exciting life she has.

Julia Glum....yes the NSA has sunk to new terror lows in psychological torture in this one.

Thing is Julia Glum was covering Donald Trump, so she does get out of the apartment and office cubical with her trimmed toenails. That is the mostly reason I am posting this.......other than to show that someone at the Homeland Insecurity is making passes at me again.

This is the poster face of those who are against Donald Trump. Exhibit 1 through 411 of the Jeb Bush voters is below and shemale creatures who would like to snatch dive on Hamrod Clinton.

Note the lovely nature of the pro Jeb Bush voter or Hamrod Clinton voter as they are both Obama 3rd term voters. Note that she has stolen a folder from work, used her companies computer, lied to her company by calling in sick, so she could drive over and give the flies something to buzz around instead of cat crap.

I particularly appreciate the intelligence of the Jeb Clinton voter in the YOUR and not YOU'RE part in being too stupid to respond to being one of the children left behind.
And, that Donald gets TWO !! while Jeb Bush only has ONE !, exclamation point on his name..........Hillary of course gets no exclamation points as Hillary's snoring drowns out Huma's, "Oh Hillary give me that wiener."

When I am mistaken for myself, I just would prefer it look closer to the popular girl that I am. I mean if the NSA comes and drags me out of bed at 3 AM, it is going to be like a 24 hour event, as all the intelligence officials will want to be photographed with me, there will be selfies with them on their phones, then there will be autographs, we will have to break for breakfast, where I will have to make the rounds and chit chat with all the NSA fans I have, and then interviews about how gorgeous I am, and pointers on how they can please their mates more, along with praying over them for their safety, then there will be dinner, more afternoon poses in leisure attire, then a lunch break, some shooting matches until supper, and then grilling, with some reviews of the videos online being posted of me with the NSA, and their requests for retakes to get their best side, as I only have good sides...........and after all this rehearsal, they will just wrap it up and go home, as making some excuse to the regime, that they have investigate me and found me innocent of all the ridiculous charges.

To be honest, do you think anything like that would ever take place with Julia Glum, who I am sure is a nice girl......and the Donald Trump protestor who looks like..........well she does not need a sex change operation and will be starring in the Joe Walsh Story.
I feel bad for Joe Walsh as I really like him. Just be bad for his close up at 3 AM they will have a whiskered woman doing the shots.

With that, we learned today that the NSA likes sending messages to popular girls, and putting Julia Glum as the writer for this blog, and Donald Trump's protestors are the dumbest lezbos on the planet, and that Joe Walsh has found the person who will play him or be the stunt double they run over as he locks the doors of his limo in case he is attacked.