Friday, July 24, 2015

I'll raise your Jew to your Persian nukes


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Something needs to be said in the Obama image Persian nuke deal, and that is there was the deal that John Kerry saw, the deal that John Kerry did not see, and the deal which John Kerry and the Persian Marxists never saw, which is the one which the regime gave to the Jewish state.

Details of these deals are leaking out. Like the part which gives nuclear triggers to the turban heads of Iran. The Israeli state according to Ambassador Dennis Ross is to get nuclear platform B 52 heavy bombers from image Obama.

Now a new facet in this has formed............Jonathan Pollard.

Pollard is interesting in ..............well Obama hates the Bush family, and they threw this Jewish spy into prison for life, so what would be better than to stiff the Bush folks, and to hand over Jonathan Pollard to be executed by Persian commies by nuclear means, in the upcoming Jew Persian Wars the regime is trying to detonate.

Thing is though, that this little quote out of the Iranian press showed up from US intelligence contractor, Steven D. Kelly.

“We know that this Israel is actually testing dirty nuclear devices in their desert right now, and we know this has no strategic value other than to be used as a terrorist device in a false flag attack. So this is a very dangerous time.”

 So let us review this. Iran is getting more nukes from the Obama regime. The Obama regime wants the Jews to big bomb the Persian turban heads, who will then nuke the Israeli state, and the Jews will nuke Iran.

In the Jewish foresight though of self preservation, they conclude like in 9 11, that America has more real estate to implode, so why not transfer that nuke from the Israeli state to..........

It is a real toss up as Jews hate Berkley, but then everyone hates Berkley. Kansas City, Seattle ............I really do not care what the Jews dirty nuke in America, as it will not be the brier patch. What is so much more dead liberals with all those Christians supporting the Israeli state.

Some might see this as evil, but is a good thing to arm Persians with more nukes, and then hand Jews bombers to start a nuke war? For a Jew it makes sense to prod the American regime to do the bombing as  the Obama regime has given the Iranians more nukes. Why should the Jew be the middle man taking the nuclear profit eh?

Personally, I am in favor of Jonathan Pollard being released. Hell image Obama is a bend over agent for every enemy America ever had, and he gets Stevie Wonder concerts all the time and no jail time. Pollard spied on America for an ally. Not that big of deal as that Facebook Zuckerberg spies on people all the time at that site for the NSA.
Could always throw Zuckerberg in prison in Iran to even out Pollard being released in America.....get that Persian Christian preacher home before the nuclear war starts......just make sure he stays out of the dirty nuke city in America.

I could inquire about all of this, but this is really about the Obama regime's dirty nuke deals. This group of traitors shows the Senate some deal, that is not the deal, but is the deal John Kerry saw, while only the regime knows how damn many deals were signed.

What the hell comes next? Those giant Obama girls are payment to some Saudi princes? Vladimir Putin gets Iran to toast nuclear warmed vodka over?

Thing is the Obama nuke deal is

Iranian nuke production
Not reduction
One prison Jew
With a dozen B 52's

I think if I was a richtard, I would get a lead lining for my swimming pool and vacation jet for the kiddies, as Jews are now being traded as a commodity on Obama Street in Iranian nuclear shares with American cities receiving the radioactive dividend.