Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Proof Obama Died in June 13, 2013


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was speaking with TL about Reverse Speech and wanted to show TL some examples of it and how it reveals what is on the speaker's mind.

The best at this is Australian David John Oates. As we were listening to the examples, there was one which jumped out at me in August 2013. Remember the bin Laden's corpse had been marketed back in 2011 due to efforts by Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi, exposing the Birther issue for Obama.

The following statement by image Obama is most interesting, as it states it has spoken to former President George W. Bush.

“This afternoon I [spoke to former President] George W Bush.” – As I promote the corpse

Is this the jinn telling the world that it's mission as a shapeshifter is to promote the corpse of Barack Hussein Obama? This is the quid pro quo for being conjured and replacing the chicken entre.

I did a check on major news stories in August 2013, and there was nothing having to do with any major person whom image Obama associated with which would be on his mind.

What is most interesting in the Obama reversals, is that prior to June 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, Barack Obama constantly uses foul language in reversals, which are sexual and indicate homosexual activities. After June 2013 AD, the image's reversals take on a completely different mindset.

Obama: "…a rising peaceful China. What they’ve been able to achieve in terms of lifting 100s of millions of people out of poverty [over the last two decades has] been nothing short of remarkable." This dick had to sell – negative sexual energy selling his program

Obama: "The main message that I’ve said not only publicly [but also privately] to the Chinese that with their rise comes increased responsibilities." They forgot the Sodom – another negative sexual reversal around the Chinese.

There is both congruency in the image speaking about promoting a corpse it is associated with, and even if it is a revelation, the same one which got Andrew Breitbart assassinated as the image purchased bin Laden's corpse and Obama had to sell it.......there is still the incongruency of the  change in speech patterns.

For a reality in the State of the Union Address of 2015, the image Obama does something which is unique. Humans do not in reverse speech ever refer to themselves in 3rd person, meaning Barack Obama would never refer to himself by his first name........yet the image did just that in blaming the corpse housed in the doomsday bunker outside the White House.
The image blames Barack.

Obama – “We’re demonstrating the [power of American] strength and diplomacy…” – The crime of Barrack.

One thing is troubling in the image Obama reversals in 2015, in this quote and reversal concerning Europe, and what the image fully intends to do to Europe.

Barack – “By the time the guns fell silent [in Europe some] 40 million people on the continent had lost their lives.” – I must burn it.

This is in reference to World War II in 40 million dead. image Obama's follow up is it's own scorched earth. it is privy to some information which is being developed.

In one more note, if you have not noticed, there are no more purple lips on the image Obama as there was on Birther Hussein.

I leave it at that.