Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Obama Holocaust Nuclear Sword


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The image of Barack Hussein Obama has secured the nuclear holocaust of the largest Jewish population in the world, and that place is not the Jewish state, but New York City.
Yes New York City has the largest concentration of Jews in the world.

That is what the expanding nuclear terror arsenal of the Persian communists means. Obama the destroyer has secured the fires of hell legacy.

How is this projected out.........

The Seer of Waldwiertel: The Destruction of New York  The farmer of Krems also known as "The Seer of Waldviertel." …On September 17, 2001, a reverend from Tirol, Josef Stocker, spoke to the seer by telephone. Regarding the New York attack of September 11, 2001 the Farmer of Krems said: The terrorist act that is prophesied for the present-time has not yet occurred, and when it does there will be a nearly total destruction of New York -- an unprecedented terrorist act that will be carried out with two small nuclear explosive devices
[Destruction of Manhattan]-New York is destroyed unexpectedly before this time of war by small explosive devices, that explode very low in the air. The image grows more vivid, becoming like houses blasted apart from a violent storm. In the explosion inferno (the explosion's epicenter or "ground zero"), I saw nothing left standing. It would seem to have occurred around noon (local time). If one considers however, that, in the early summer, it becomes light very early, that could be also in the morning hours. I saw all details clearly and with extraordinary clarity… Also, regarding the destruction of New York, I saw details that one could never perceive with the eye due to the quickness of the event. It was revealed to me in proper sequence, but in slow motion. I saw this city in all of its detail. There a dark object fell in its course, continually crooking upon itself. I stared intently as this body fell, until it almost crashed to the ground. First it shredded into pieces, dissolving itself as it did this. In this moment I did not yet comprehend what had happened. The first explosive device exploded some buildings a distance behind a larger building standing with a wide entrance facing the ocean's shore. >From the perspective of the Atlantic Ocean, these buildings seemed to be located somewhat to the south behind this larger building. The buildings did not fall over or implode upon themselves, but rather they became, save for a few, part of the explosion's epicenter (ground zero). They then became pulverized from the ground up. From a distance, they had the appearance of sinking, as if swallowed up by the ground beneath them.

This is the legacy of Birther Hussein Obama. You do not get this in this is not just about vaporized Jews, but one of the reasons behind 9 11, was the destruction of the criminal American finance records. The elite have an entire multi trillion dollars in illegal money dumps to Wall Street and bribes......those records are going to have to disappear in an economic implosion.

image Obama gives it's Shia Muslim heritage the bomb..........the Persian communists use non Iranian material from South American mines and hand it over to proxies, who like in TWA Flight 800, use the ocean to launch the untraceable attack.

The financial criminals walk away with control of the world and all the records are vaporized.........along with the Jewish concentration who will be a problem for the European Ashkenaz elite in their securing control of the Israeli state.

It all works out. It all projects out with reason from this nuclear expansion in Persia by Obama's communists he kept in power there.....you do  remember the Twitter Revolution which Iran used the internet to round up all the Iranian Patriots right?

This is the designed outcome from day one, a nuclear arms race in the Mideast and America gets the first serving of radioactive Hiroshima.