Thursday, July 16, 2015

Running Through the Shadows


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For most of you, the mention of Jeff Rense would bring a response of "What the hell is a Jeff Rense", or it would stir in your mind some mentions of this fringe media character who is a political agitator on the internet radio.

The reason for this post is an event which caught my attention. What the event was in which Jeff Rense was involved was a vehicle wreck. As the April time line has progressed, he has exhibited more euphoria over surviving the murder attempt, which is understandable, but not wise.
The events in simple format was Mr. Rense's vehicle somehow at 60 mph on a neighborhood street ended up in the ditch, buried for a moment in the muck, at which point momentum flipped the car end over end.
When it came to rest, 2 individuals in a pick up truck stopped, entered the Rense car, and when the emergency response appeared, they quickly left the scene.

The rumor as it, from Jeff Rense and his followers is that he was hit with some psychic weapons which turned his thought process off, and that is how the car crashed.

I decided to inquire of this, as when the big boy toys appear, unlike some European hit team using a chemical weapon against Andrew Brietbart, this begins to be interesting as it all leaves tracks.

DARPA Plotting To Remote Control Fear, Nervous Systems

I mentioned previously TL's and my various experiences with the types of weapons which gave Rush Limbaugh that heart attack in Hawaii, when he thought he could play outside the boundaries and crash Obama's first X mass million dollar vacation.

The experience we had with frequency weapons which appeared here was interesting in the case catalogued, we were at the residence, and to our surprise, we both had our capillaries exploded in your eyes. This was akin to high gravitational force in combat jets or sudden impacts. You remember that Obama boob who was in Afgahnistan for Obama, came out against the war, met with Hillary Clinton and his heart blew a balloon before he went tits up.....same thing really as capillary eruptions.
There was no cinema screaming of the assaulted or any pain. It simply appeared without any discomfort. I place this reality here as this category of lethal weapons does not have to transfer discomfort in order to accomplish the intended outcome.

Upon inquiry, this vehicle wreck was an assassination operation. As my cousin said, important people get assassinated........unimportant people just get murdered.

What inquiry points to is a dual use device. This was both optical and auditory. There was a resonator device which was placed inside the vehicle. It has been in place for hours, not days. Inquiry points to it was in the cd slot.
When I state that this was optical, I do not mean it was "seen", but it was a resonant light frequency combined with auditory frequency. The auditory could be heard as background noise and requires masking, but this is a device which the optical causes the thought process to go zombie and the auditory frequency causes the motor functions to go limp.

The limp zombie condition is what saved Mr. Rense, in the same protocol that drunks survive fatal wrecks.

I was fascinated as to what exactly could have caused the big boy toys to be rolled out in what Jeff Rense had been up to.  The Rense program carries on about numbers of subjects and inquiry focused on intelligence, defense, Ukraine, foreign policy, sodomy, Jew stuff and none of these features triggered this operation.

This was the regime in action.The initiation of this was November 2014. Two operatives were dispatched from New York. DARPA runs an advanced weapons research group there out of Columbia University. This was not DARPA involved, but like most things in the brown recluse, systems get hijacked as do end up off lab, and get field tests.

I only post what inquiry points to. Inquiry points to Jeff Rense by some guest was disrupting the jinn. One of the guests provided some kind of information which Rense repeated and this is what set things into motion. I do not keep track of his work, and I do not have the time to track this down as have my own issues. That is what initiated this though.

I did from a Chicago feed, learn that Jeff Rense has been developing drainage, thrombosis or discoloration, or something. This is not from the wreck........and yes as I type this, it is being grabbed again in the blog is gaining attention again over this.

The Rense reality is that he probably has assessed that he is immune to another direct operation of high profile to add to the conspiracy archives. This is not a one dimensional world though, as a subtle ........put it this way, there was a frequency weapon directed at Rense again, meant to produce an effect in his spleen which would appear to be a latent effect of the impact of the wreck. Short version, probably a blood clot to stroke the old man out.

The operation is finished, and inquiry points to no more attacks.

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