Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jebpanzee Bush and the Empty Jungle


             where are the other 405 Jeb Bush voters?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This begins with a reality that there are 300 million people in America.

Of this 300 million, Jeb Bush has 12, 334 donors:

Of those donors only 411 or 3 percent are real Americans. The rest are those nation rapists backing Obama Wall Street and robbing oil states like North Dakota of her oil.

I repeat that.........Jeb Bush has been running for President since 1990........and his entire network has only 400 real people in it.

Worse yet, even Bernie Sanders has almost a third of a million people who are real, donating to him.

In this cynical era, I ask the question of just how desperate are the Bush's in trying to break HW Bush's neck for sympathy?

For those who think the Lame Cherry is being crass............ah one moment please as the evidence rolls in.


Yeah Geezer Bush has been in a WHEELCHAIR for years. He has not been walking around the house nor chasing that vixen Barbara around since..............well Sarah Palin was getting upskirts by the Obama press.

So is this the saga now of Jebpanzee Bush? He has the criminal banking element who launder money for Obama funding his campaign.........and in a lifetime of politics.........he has amassed only 411 deluded people who are real to donate to him.

Florida has millions of citizens and he was Gov there........W was Prez, and so was the olde man, and out of all of that...........Jebtard Bush can muster like .000001 % of the American and Mexican population to back him.

I mean aye carumba.........Jeb Bush has that midget wife from Mexico, and there are like 50 million illegals prowling about America, stealing jobs, raping children, murdering women........and Jeb and Cordoba, or whatever the hell her name is, can not even shake down that bunch for some donations.

Those are the facts. No one, save 411 people, want Jeb Bush for President.

Last time I checked............Hillary having 250,000 fictional dead donors, beats Jeb's 411 dim bulbs every time.

Yeah.........let us revisit this again in multi millionaire George H. W. Bush, with Secret Service, the old Babs, and somehow not in Texas, but Maine............are we to believe he scooted up there? Or the reality HW has 24 hour a day staff as he is in a wheelchair, was walking around the house........when he can not walk around and needs a wheelchair.

As I stated, is this how desperate the Bush family is now? Trashing George W. Bush and now using Geezer Bush for sympathy?

How does an invalid fall down when he is already down in a chair......and how does Jebpanzee Bush win in 2016 when his voting block is 411 people dumb enough to give him money?

"Help me, I've fallen in the polls to Donald Trump. Dad break your neck to give me a rise!"

- Jebpanzee Bush

Nuff said